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The Harmony Game (2011)

Genres: Documentary

Director: Jennifer Lebeau


Stars: Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, Mort Lewis, Roy Halee, ...

The end of a decade when the world was in crisis and inspiration and hope needed resurrecting, an influential duo released a masterpiece of popular music, Bridge Over Troubled Water. Through darkness and light, the album takes its listeners on an emotional ride echoing the era and one which continues to inspire an audience the world over 40 years later. Its symphonic hymn of a title track became an anthem for a generation. The Harmony Game tells the story behind what is widely considered Simon and Garfunkel's best work, Bridge Over Troubled Water. The influential duo's last studio album has its legacy shrouded in rock n' roll mythology with legendary tales of inspiration, innovation and separation. Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel and their collaborators share the journey in their own words and reflect back on its impact 40 years later and includes never before seen film, photos and memorabilia. Produced & Directed by Jennifer Lebeau

Release Dates:

USA 12 Feb 2011
Finland 15 Sep 2013 (TV premiere)

Also Known As:

Finland (Swedish title) Klassiska rockalbum: Simon & Garfunkel
Finland (informal title) Miten 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'- albumi tehtiin
Finland Rockin klassikkolevyt: Simon & Garfunkel
USA (long title) The Harmony Game: The Making of Bridge Over Troubled Water