Full Cast & Crew - Toys in the Attic (2009)
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Toys in the Attic (2009)

Country: Czech Republic, Japan, France, Slovakia

Genres: Animation, Family, Fantasy

Director: Jirí Barta, Vivian Schilling

Writers: Edgar Dutka, Jirí Barta, Vivian Schilling

Stars: Forest Whitaker, Joan Cusack, Vivian Schilling, Cary Elwes, ...

In an attic full of discarded junk, a pretty doll called Buttercup lives in an old trunk together with her friends, the marionette Sir Handsome, the lovable Teddy Bear, a Mechanical Mouse and the plasticine creature, Laurent. When Buttercup is snatched and taken off to the Land of Evil, her pals set out on a wondrous and daring adventure to rescue her from the all-powerful Head of State.


Jirí Barta
Vivian Schilling (english adaptation)


Edgar Dutka (screenplay) and
Jirí Barta (screenplay)
Vivian Schilling


Jirí Holan executive producer
Daniel Lesoeur executive producer (english adaptation)
Vivian Schilling producer (english adaptation)
Milos Smídmajer producer


Forest Whitaker Teddy (voice)
Joan Cusack Madam Curie (voice)
Vivian Schilling Buttercup (voice)
Cary Elwes Sir Handsome (voice)
Marcelo Tubert Laurent (voice)
Douglas Urbanski The Head (voice)
Emily Hahn Andrejka (voice)
Sandy Holt Mrs. Nemachkova (voice)
Joy Ellison Rosie (voice)
Rico Simonini Black Cat (voice)
Roy Vongtama School Boy & Monkey (voice)
Bára Dlouhá
Barbora Hrzánová Sklodowská (voice)
Boris Hybner Mucha (voice)
Vladimír Javorský Krason (voice)
Nada Konvalinková Ruzenka (voice)
Johana Krticková (voice)
Vera Kubánková (voice)
Jirí Lábus The Head
Petr Nározný Baron (voice)
Lucie Pernetová Pomnenka (voice)
Ivan Trojan Subrt
Miroslav Táborský (voice)
Ludmila Ungrichtová
Andrea Zádníková