Frank (2010)
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Genres: Short, Drama

Director: Gian Franco Morini, Filippo M. Prandi

Writers: Gian Franco Morini, Filippo M. Prandi, Filippo M. Prandi

Stars: Joseph Aniska, Michael Barksdale, Tommy Bartlett, Kirby Baumann, ...

Michael. Anna. Clarence. Three very different persons from one another, living very different lives. Michael is a video editor. He works on music videos and commercials, mostly. He hates it. He wants to feel like an artist again, like when he used to be a musician. Anna is a lawyer, working for a law firm in Manhattan. She used to be ADA in Brooklyn. She hates her new job, almost as much as she hates living in a big city. Clarence is a chemistry school dropout. He manufacturers, sells and consumes methamphetamine. He wants to quit and go legitimate. All these people have in common are two things: they all live in New York, where they were born and they all have one best friend (three different people) that goes by the name Frank.