STD: Sexually Transmitted Demons (2007)
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Genres: Short, Drama

Taglines: Faithless and heartbroken virgin gets charmed by perverse playboy.

Director: Shauntay S. Cherry

Writers: Shauntay S. Cherry

Stars: Zetilda Belvett, Steven Bennett, Tony DeSean, Carrie Kiamesha, ...

"STD: Sexually Transmitted Demons" is a film about a virgin female, wounded by a failed relationship, who grows pessimistic about the idea of allowing God to bring her a mate after finding that her ex has gotten engaged. Motivated by faithlessness and a strong desire to simply enjoy the company of a man, she accepts an "innocent" date with a playboy who privately struggles with sexual perversion. Being deceived by his charm, she makes a decision to "do what it takes" to hold on to this simulation of a loving relationship. Shortly after, she realizes that forgiving herself is merely one of the struggles she will face as she walks the road to redemption.