Smehljaji (2010)
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Genres: Short, Drama

Director: Boris Dolenc

Writers: Nejc Gazvoda

Stars: Jernej Campelj, Ula Furlan, Natasa Barbara Gracner, Klemen Janezic, ...

Jasna and Robert are talking per webcam. It is obvious that they have known each other for a while. Tim, Peter and Gregor have an after school chat in front of the school. Peter says that his parents are away over the weekend and that they can meet at his place but everyone has to invite a girl. Senad approaches and takes Peter's lighter. Peter and Gregor are at Peter's place sitting at the table with Barbara and Tjasa. They are drinking, talking and laughing. Tim comes alone. Peter is disappointed because he has not brought a girl. Peter and Tjasa, and Gregor and Barbara are kissing, Tim is sitting besides them watching a film on TV. Every now and then Tim glances over to Gregor. Tim, Peter and Gregor in front of school. Peter says that his parents will not be home again this weekend, so they can repeat last week's party. Peter buys grass from Senad and Senad returns his lighter. Facade of intolerance and misunderstanding, for each of the young people is hiding behind the smile. This...