Trivia - Chef (2014)
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Chef (2014)

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Taglines: Starting from scratch never tasted so good.

Director: Jon Favreau

Writers: Jon Favreau

Stars: Jon Favreau, John Leguizamo, Bobby Cannavale, Emjay Anthony, ...

Carl Casper is an acclaimed chef with a family life that seems as decaying as his artistic freedom. Those frustrations boil over into a raucous viral-videoed public confrontation against a restaurant critic who panned his cooking of food that his boss ordered him to make against his instincts. Now with his career ruined, Carl's ex-wife offers an unorthodox solution in Miami: refit an old food truck to offer quality cooking on his own terms. Now with his young son, Percy, and old colleague, Martin, helping, Carl takes a working trip across America with that truck to rediscover his gastronomic passion. With Percy's tech savvy and Martin's enthusiasm, Carl finds that he is creating a traveling sensation on the way home. In doing so, Carl discovers he is serving up more than simply food, but also a deeper connection with his life and his family that is truly delicious in its own way.
Jon Favreau did his own cooking by training with food truck chef Roy Choi.
First non-Iron Man collaboration between Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau.
The short scene with Carl and Percy in the cinema features the audio from Iron Man's repulsor rays, as a nod to Jon Favreau's previous work with the Iron Man films.
Oliver Platt's brother is a prominent food critic in the New York metropolitan area and has invited Oliver on some of his restaurant visits.
The video Percy watches on his iPad is Freddie Wong's Medal of Honor Cat. This is a tribute to Jon Favreau and RocketJump studio's previous partnership during the filming of Cowboys & Aliens (2011).
This is the second time Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr and Scarlet Johansson all worked together on a project directed by Jon Favreau. The first was Iron Man 2, then they worked together again albeit without Jon Favreau as a director on Iron Man 3.
Second movie for Bobby Cannavale involving a food truck. The first being The Station Agent.
When Carl and Percy go to the cinema they are watching Iron Man. Jon Favreau both directed and starred in that movie also.
Oliver Platt and Jon Leguizamo previously worked together on the 1997 movie, "Executive Decision".
When Carl and Molly are talking outside the bar, Molly told Carl that he wasn't 'happy' and that she wants him to be 'happy'. A possible nod to Jon's character Happy in the Iron Man movie series.
The BBQ place in the movie is Franklin's BBQ in Austin, which regularly sells out before noon and has long lines of customers waiting to get in.
When Carl is speaking with the publicist after he gets fired from his job, the publicist suggested that Carl should participate in the reality TV show, "Hell's Kitchen". This was a reference back to when Jon Favreau played the role of Foggy Nelson in the
Aaron Franklin' from Franklin BBQ, Austin TX appears in the movie. Aaron has been awarded a James Beard Award in the category of Best Chef:Southwest.
Jon Favreau, Emjay Anthony, and Scarlet Johansson would later work on The Jungle Book.
According to the Jon Favreau on the director's commentary, for some of the road scenes stock footage was used and the truck was put in the scenes digitally.
Sofia Vergara was born in Colombia. John Leguizamo was also born In Colombia.
In the hit TV sitcom FRIENDS, Jon Favreau played a millionaire businessman who fell in love with Monica who was a chef.
According to Jon Favreau on the director's commentary, for some of the road scenes stock footage was used and the truck was put in the scenes digitally.
Jon Favreau did his own cooking by training with food truck chef Roy Choi. Choi sent Favreau to a week of intensive French culinary schooling, where Favreau sharpened his knife skills and learned how to make sauces. "I brought him into the kitchen, and he
Promotional events centering on the fictional Cubano-serving El Jefe proved so popular that Favreau and L.A.-based chef Roy Choi who consulted on the film, have opened a series of pop-up restaurants and announced that they are thinking about making the tr
Towards the end of the film, the El Jefe truck is seen at a nighttime food-truck event, along with many of L.A.'s most popular food trucks. This is an actual event in Venice called "First Fridays." For a brief moment, you can see Chef Roy Choi's Kogi truc
Roy Choi only agreed to train Jon Favreau to cook if Favreau promised to be absolutely authentic in his portrayal of a professional chef, from the way that his character Carl folds the towels at the beginning of the film to the way in which he cleans his
Before this film was produced, there was another film written by Steven Knight with a similar plot and also titled "Chef", being developed by Sony Pictures since 2007. When production of this movie started, Sony Pictures served Jon Favreau's production wi
There are five actors who previously acted in Fox/ Marvel MCu films. Executive Producer Jon Favreau appeared in Daredevil opposite Ben Affleck and went on to portray Happy Hogan in Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3. Robert Downey Jr. Appeared as Tony St
According to the Films Director, Jon Favearu, Twitter paid nothing for product placement or advertising. In a "Hollywood Reporter" article, Favearu reports that the company (Twitter) requested only that some tweaks be made to the look of the animated logo
Many critics had viewed this film as an allegory to Jon Favreau's career as a director by going back to his independent roots after the comic book film adaptation, "Cowboys and Aliens", which was a box office failure. However, Favreau denied the compariso