Full Cast & Crew - Chef (2014)
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Chef (2014)

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Taglines: Starting from scratch never tasted so good.

Director: Jon Favreau

Writers: Jon Favreau

Stars: Jon Favreau, John Leguizamo, Bobby Cannavale, Emjay Anthony, ...

Carl Casper is an acclaimed chef with a family life that seems as decaying as his artistic freedom. Those frustrations boil over into a raucous viral-videoed public confrontation against a restaurant critic who panned his cooking of food that his boss ordered him to make against his instincts. Now with his career ruined, Carl's ex-wife offers an unorthodox solution in Miami: refit an old food truck to offer quality cooking on his own terms. Now with his young son, Percy, and old colleague, Martin, helping, Carl takes a working trip across America with that truck to rediscover his gastronomic passion. With Percy's tech savvy and Martin's enthusiasm, Carl finds that he is creating a traveling sensation on the way home. In doing so, Carl discovers he is serving up more than simply food, but also a deeper connection with his life and his family that is truly delicious in its own way.


Jon Favreau


Jon Favreau (written by)


Molly Allen executive producer
John Bartnicki associate producer
Marina Bespalov executive producer
Sergei Bespalov producer
James D. Brubaker executive producer
Philip Elway executive producer
Jon Favreau producer
Gleb Fetisov executive producer
Jerry Fruchtman executive producer
Peter Fruchtman executive producer
Karen Gilchrist producer
Jere Hausfater executive producer
Aaron Kaufman executive producer
Olga Lesnova co-producer
Mark C. Manuel executive producer
Ted O'Neal executive producer
Kamran Razavi executive producer
Jason Rose executive producer
Dylan Russell executive producer
Anne Sheehan executive producer
Scott Steindorff executive producer
Boris Teterev executive producer
Oleg Teterin executive producer
Artem Yamanov executive producer
Paul Brett executive producer
Craig Chapman executive producer
Roy Choi co-producer
Tim Smith executive producer
Mark Brooke executive producer (uncredited)


Jon Favreau Carl Casper
John Leguizamo Martin
Bobby Cannavale Tony
Emjay Anthony Percy
Scarlett Johansson Molly
Dustin Hoffman Riva
Sofía Vergara Inez
Oliver Platt Ramsey Michel
Amy Sedaris Jen
Robert Downey Jr. Marvin
Russell Peters Miami Cop
Chase Grimm Vendor
Will Schutze Mr. Bonetangles
Gloria Sandoval Flora
Jose C. Hernandez Abuelito (as Jose C. Hernandez 'Perico')
Alberto Salas Band Member
Alfredo Ortiz Band Member
Daniel Palacio Band Member
Mauricio Del Monte Band Member
Leonardo Da Nilo Versailles Host
Nili Fuller Marvin's Assistant
Charles Lao Kitchen Supply Clerk
Benjamin Jacob Himself
Aaron Franklin Himself
Gary Clark Jr. Himself
Roy Choi Himself
Rachel Acuna Parade Participant (uncredited)
Andrew Anderson Young Guy (uncredited)
Meghan Aruffo Customer (uncredited)
Chad Bird Food Truck Patron / Party Attendee (uncredited)
Maria F. Blanco Salsa Dancer (uncredited)
Santos Caraballo Club Salsa Dancer (uncredited)
Joseph Randy Causin Tourist (uncredited)
William Driver Beer Garden Patron (uncredited)
Rachel Faulkner Food Truck Customer (uncredited)
Eduardo M. Freyre Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Eric Ryan Garcia Concert Goer (uncredited)
Michael P Gardner Himself (uncredited)
Sandy Garza Food Truck Patron (uncredited)
Julian Graham Shocked Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Joshua Gutierrez El Cabbie (uncredited)
Leigh M. Harris Rockabilly Girl (uncredited)
Miguel Izaguirre Food Truck Customer (uncredited)
Gayle Kate Farmers Market Lady (uncredited)
David W. LeBlanc Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Noa Lindberg Hungry Jogger (uncredited)
Quintin McKemie II Food Truck Customer (uncredited)
Teebone Mitchell Inez Chauffeur (uncredited)
Jon C. Morgan Food Truck Customer (uncredited)
Chris Nuñez Salsa Dancer (uncredited)
Rigo Obezo Construction Worker (uncredited)
Gustavo I. Ortiz Food Truck Customer (uncredited)
Jay Pennington Cowboy Patron (uncredited)
Tanner Priest Foodie (uncredited)
Xavier Ramirez Food Truck Customer (uncredited)
Katherine Jeanie Russell Tourist (uncredited)
A.J. Ryder Food Truck Patron (uncredited)
Sam Stinson Customer (uncredited)
Gary Teague Franklin Barbecue Patron (uncredited)
William Throckmorton Foodie (uncredited)
Carlos Valenzuela-Durr Motorcycle Rider (uncredited)
Minn Vo Salsa Dancer (uncredited)
Kristin Miller White Rockabilly Chick (uncredited)
William Shannon Williams Food Truck Customer (uncredited)
Marly Chaudry Waitress (uncredited)
Cody Daniel Allen Chipworth (uncredited)
Maria Engler Partygoer (uncredited)
NM Garcia Salsa Dancer (uncredited)
Priyom Haider Food truck patron #1 (uncredited)
Paola Katsapas Bikini Girl (uncredited)
Scott Mulvania South Beach Unicyclist (uncredited)
Elbin Palencia Food Truck Customer (uncredited)
Mike Rylander Farmers Market Shopper (uncredited)
Selena Silvas Food Truck Patron (uncredited)
Safi South Beach Patron (uncredited)
Leonardo Montelongo Austin Food Truck Patron (uncredited)
Kristin M. Miller Rockabilly Chick (uncredited)
Cliff Redding Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Sandy Romero Food Truck Patron (uncredited)
Arley Ryder Food Truck Patron (uncredited)
Jenna Saab Concert Patron (uncredited)
Ty Suite Austin food truck patron (uncredited)
Christina Cha Shocked Restaurant Patron