Trivia - Funny Business (2010)
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Funny Business (2010)

Genres: Short, Comedy, Crime

Taglines: When You're the Boss, You Can't Trust Anyone....

Director: Patrick Clement

Writers: Michael Kenyon Rosenberg, Darth Schuhe

Stars: Douglas Rizzo Johnson, Brooks Hall, Mark Glasser, Paul Louis Harrell, ...

When a Providence Mob Boss seeks revenge for the death of his son, he finds that not all is as it appears to be.
Brahm Gallagher originally auditioned for the role of Alex, but was later cast as Alex's accomplice Michael The Goon.
Michael J. Sielaff originally auditioned for the role of Kevin The Goon, but when the 6' 7" tall Sielaff auditioned, Director Patrick Clement, wanting to find a place for him, rushed to rewrite the role of Doug The New Guy specifically for him.
"Funny Business" was a short film produced in part by the Los Angeles Valley College Media Arts Student Committee (MASC). The film was intended as a learning exercise and experience for a number of LA Valley Cinema Students in response to budget cuts at California Community Colleges during the 2009-2010 school year. Every member of the crew, apart from Jason Uth, were at the time of production, students there. Director Patrick Clement was the President of the MASC, and Executive Producer Kenya Cox was the Secretary. Conversely, the only actor used who was a student at the time was Harold Rhosen (Johnny).
All of the Writers have uncredited cameos in the film. Michael Kenyon Rosenberg is the doll hugging Mental Patient in the community center and the voice of Woody the Ventriloquist dummy. Darth Schuhe is the junkie who delivers the box to Eddie's hideout. Patrick Clement is "Russo" Pagliaccio in the flashback during the final table scene between Don and Eddie.
Many crew members also acting in small parts in the film. Oron Mendel, is the oatmeal eating Mental Patient in the Community Center, Mark Harris is "Mr. What's-His-Name" in the Community Center, Dylan Griffith is "Bernard the Magnificent" in the torture scene.
Pre-production, Production and Post Production were all done during the Spring 2010 Semester. Approximately three months.
The "black" rooms were a financial necessity. With only one small sound stage for two days, the filmmakers were able to shoot the Torture Scene, the Clown Round table Scene, all of the Magicians Round table scenes, the final table scene between Don and Eddie and the shotgun scene between Allen/Ellen and Johnny all in the same space. A small sound stage on the Los Angeles Valley College Campus.
Writers Darth Schuhe and Michael Kenyon Rosenberg, on days off during the production, shot three short "spoof" trailers. "Der Mist" a Black and White German Expressionist Film, "Meet Cutie" a Romantic Comedy and "Dungeon Masters" an Epic Nerd Adventure Film. All three trailers played in front of Funny Business during private screenings and are available as Bonus Features on the Funny Business DVD.
Body Count: 11.