Goofs - Funny Business (2010)
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Funny Business (2010)

Genres: Short, Comedy, Crime

Taglines: When You're the Boss, You Can't Trust Anyone....

Director: Patrick Clement

Writers: Michael Kenyon Rosenberg, Darth Schuhe

Stars: Douglas Rizzo Johnson, Brooks Hall, Mark Glasser, Paul Louis Harrell, ...

When a Providence Mob Boss seeks revenge for the death of his son, he finds that not all is as it appears to be.
During the final table scene between Don and Eddie, Mark Glasser's VO is offset to varying degrees. At one point he's heard saying "we're going to need a lot more boxes" but his mouth moves as if he's saying "we're going to need a lot more of these boxes."
The shadow of a boom mic can been seen on the back of Doug at the beginning of the alleyway fight scene.
In the final scene, when Don Pagilaccio and Eddie the Magnificent are at the table, Don puts the cigar in his mouth as he unfolds the Waterfront Contracts, when we see him a split second later, the cigar is resting on the table.
When Pickles attacks the timid Doug, he is wearing a jacket, even up until he stands after stabbing him. But, when he turns and walks backwards away from Doug's dead body, he is no longer wearing the jacket.
When The Tall Man steps out into the street, a pile of production gear is visible at his feet including an orange bubble level and a white pair of gloves.