Freud's Magic Powder (2009)
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Genres: Short, Drama

Taglines: While conducting research on cocaine, Sigmund Freud suddenly discovers the Oedipus Complex...

Director: Edouard Getaz

Writers: Jessica Sharzer

Stars: Michael Goldstrom, Aria Alpert Adjani, Meg Gibson, Rob Besserer, ...

In his crowded family house, Young Freud tries to focus on his medical experiments with a "magic powder" otherwise known as cocaine. His mother calls him down to dinner, where his father and stepbrother taunt him for reaching beyond his grasp. After dinner, his mother gives Freud a special silk cravat and wishes him luck for the next day. Freud is off to see his bride's uncle - to persuade him to finally let them marry. Busy with the rabbi, her uncle derides Freud and his "magic powder." On the carriage ride home, Freud takes some of the powder and has a wild vision - which leads to the great discovery that will insure his name to the history books forever: the Oedipal complex.