Full Cast & Crew - Casting By (2012)
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Casting By (2012)

Genres: Documentary

Director: Tom Donahue


Stars: Deborah Aquila, Risa Bramon Garcia, Ellen Chenoweth, Marion Dougherty, ...

This documentary focuses on the role of the casting director in movie making and particularly on Marion Dougherty. She began work in the late 1940s sending up and coming young actors to be cast in the then new medium of television. It wasn't until the 1970s that the contribution on casting directors was recognized in film credits and even today there is no Oscar awarded for that role in filmmaking.


Tom Donahue


Ilan Arboleda producer
John Balis executive producer
Joanna Colbert producer
Tom Donahue producer
Ed Durkin executive producer
Steve Edwards executive producer
Chris Ekstrom associate producer
Kate Lacey-Kiley producer (as Kate Lacey)
Tony Leventhal associate producer
Leigh Roberts associate producer
Charlie Sandlan associate producer
Margaret Whitton co-executive producer


Deborah Aquila Herself
Risa Bramon Garcia Herself
Ellen Chenoweth Herself
Marion Dougherty Herself
Mike Fenton Himself
Nessa Hyams Herself
Lora Kennedy Herself
Nancy Klopper Herself
Ronna Kress Herself
Ellen Lewis Herself
Linda Lowy Herself
Amanda Mackey Herself
Wallis Nicita Herself (as Wally Nicita)
John Papsidera Himself
Don Phillips Himself
Gretchen Rennell Herself (as Gretchen Rennell Court)
Fred Roos Himself
David Rubin Himself
Lynn Stalmaster Himself
Juliet Taylor Herself
Douglas Wright Himself (as Doug Wright)
Woody Allen Himself
Edward Asner Himself (as Ed Asner)
Jeanine Basinger Herself
Ned Beatty Himself
Tony Bill Himself
Peter Bogdanovich Himself
Stephen Bowie Himself
Jeff Bridges Himself
Glenn Close Herself
Ronny Cox Himself
Robert De Niro Himself
Richard Donner Himself
Richard Dreyfuss Himself
Robert Duvall Himself
Clint Eastwood Himself
Mel Gibson Himself
Danny Glover Himself
Taylor Hackford Himself
Paul Haggis Himself
Jerome Hellman Himself
Buck Henry Himself
Arthur Hiller Himself
Norman Jewison Himself
Diane Lane Herself
Ed Lauter Himself
Norman Lear Himself
John Lithgow Himself
Gary Marsh Himself
Paul Mazursky Himself (voice)
Bette Midler Herself
Al Pacino Himself
David Picker Himself
Robert Redford Himself
James Rosin Himself (as Jim Rosin)
John Sayles Himself
Jerry Schatzberg Himself
Martin Scorsese Himself
Terry Semel Himself
Ralph Senensky Himself
James Sheldon Himself
Cybill Shepherd Herself
Sue Smith Herself (as Susan Smith)
Oliver Stone Himself
Mel Stuart Himself
John Travolta Himself
Jon Voight Himself
Paula Weinstein Herself
Burt Young Himself
Betty Grable Herself (archive footage)
Rex Harrison Himself (archive footage)
Rita Hayworth Herself (archive footage)
George Roy Hill Himself (archive footage)
Dustin Hoffman Himself (archive footage)
Tyrone Power Himself (archive footage)
John Schlesinger Himself (archive footage)
Thelma Schoonmaker Herself (archive footage)
Tye Alexander Himself (uncredited)
Kerry Barden Himself (uncredited)
Paul Brickman Himself (uncredited)
Jackie Burch Herself (uncredited)
Denise Chamian Herself (uncredited)
Jill Davenport Actor in Audition (uncredited)
Nicole David Herself (uncredited)
Louis DiGiaimo Himself (uncredited)
Jennifer Euston Herself (uncredited)
Sarah Finn Herself (uncredited)
Sophie Frieden Actress in Audition (uncredited)
Cathy Sandrich Gelfond Herself (uncredited)
Jeff Greenberg Himself (uncredited)
Randi Hiller Herself (uncredited)
Billy Hopkins Himself (uncredited)
Jane Jenkins Herself (uncredited)
Aleen Keshishian Herself (uncredited)
Heidi Levitt Herself (uncredited)
Marci Liroff Herself (uncredited)
Sonya Macari Herself ( 2012) (uncredited)
Bridget McKevitt Young Marion Dougherty (uncredited)
Rich Mento Himself (uncredited)
Paul Rudd Himself (uncredited)
Margery Simkin Herself (uncredited)
Bernard Telsey Himself (uncredited)
Victoria Thomas Herself (uncredited)
Angelo Vacco Actor in audition (uncredited)