Full Cast & Crew - Here Comes the Boom (2012)
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Here Comes the Boom (2012)

Country: USA

Genres: Action, Comedy, Sport

Taglines: One teacher still believes in fighting for his students.

Director: Frank Coraci

Writers: Kevin James, Allan Loeb, Rock Reuben

Stars: Kevin James, Salma Hayek, Henry Winkler, Greg Germann, ...

A high school biology teacher looks to become a successful mixed-martial arts fighter in an effort to raise money to prevent extra-curricular activities from being axed at his cash-strapped school.


Frank Coraci


Kevin James (written by)
Allan Loeb (written by)
Rock Reuben (written by) (uncredited)


Marty P. Ewing executive producer
Gino Falsetto associate producer
Todd Garner producer
Jack Giarraputo executive producer
Kevin James producer
Aimee Keen co-producer
Adam Milano studio executive: development
Rock Reuben co-producer
Adam Sandler executive producer
Jeff Sussman executive producer


Kevin James Scott Voss
Salma Hayek Bella Flores
Henry Winkler Marty Streb
Greg Germann Principal Betcher
Joe Rogan Himself
Gary Valentine Eric Voss
Charice Malia
Bas Rutten Niko
Reggie Lee Mr. De La Cruz
Mark DellaGrotte Himself
Mookie Barker Assistant Principal Elkins
Jackie Flynn Joe Duffy
Nikki Tyler-Flynn Molie Streb
Melissa Peterman Lauren Voss
Thomas C. Gallagher Peter Voss
Blaine Stevens Mary Shannon Voss
J. Michael Trautmann Derrick (as Jonathan Michael Trautmann)
Germaine Scott Grimes Martinez (as Germaine De Leon)
Steven Ritchie Brian
Shelly Desai Miguel
Earnestine Phillips Muba
Richard Arum French Man
Nils Veenstra Nard
Philippe Stella Koen (as Philippe Stella Jan Cornelis)
John C. Blenn Bearded Board Member
Gabriel Ricker Student in Stairwell
Evan Reuben Student Bassist
Krzysztof Soszynski Ken Dietrich
Mike Goldberg Himself
Bruce Buffer Himself
Herb Dean Himself
Jacob 'Stitch' Duran Himself
Lenny Clarke Loud Dietrich Fan
Ryan Parsons Dietrich's Cornerman
Jason Miller 'Lucky' Patrick Murphy (as Jason 'Mayhem' Miller)
Jeff Sussman Ref at College Gymnasium
Scott Voss Tattooed Man at Factory
James Robinson Fighter at Factory
Justin McKinney Ref at Factory
Richie Minervini Announcer at Factory
Rafael Cordeiro Fighter at Pier
Nicholas Turturro Ref at Pier
Craig Minervini Announcer at Pier
Satoshi Ishii Fighter at Fairgrounds
Michael Burton Ref at Fairgrounds
Mark Muñoz Fighter at Lombardo's
George Klein Ref at Lombardo's
Wanderlei Silva Himself
Romulo Barral Fighter at Horse Arena
Gino Falsetto Ref at Horse Arena
Chael Sonnen Arguing Fighter
Natalie Boss Health Club Receptionist
Daniel Guire Yoga Student
Frank Coraci Disoriented Gym Patron
Joseph Anderson Man with Guitar
Odis Spencer Jr. Citizenship Official
Melchor Menor Sityodtong Gym Fighter
Daniel Perez Sityodtong Gym Fighter
Neil LeGallo Sityodtong Gym Fighter
Marie Dellagrotte Herself
Frederick Fairbanks Teacher
Rick Pistone Cutman / Krystoff
Barry Ace Jumping Spectator (uncredited)
Diana Afonso Ringside Attendant (uncredited)
Ahmed al-Gendy Youth at Asian Restaurant Table (uncredited)
Tim Alba Fight Patron (uncredited)
Charlie Alejandro Citizenship Student (uncredited)
Kilo Alexander MMA Rocker Kid (uncredited)
Christian Alvarado High School Student / MGM Grand Audience (uncredited)
Emmalyn Anderson High School Student (uncredited)
Jacqueline Astbury Bicyclist (uncredited)
Stephanie Atkinson Teacher (uncredited)
Kristen Augenfeld Spectator (uncredited)
Richard C. Bailey Gatekeeper (uncredited)
Adrianne Balcom Audience Member (uncredited)
Kt Baldassaro Spectator for the Patrick Murphy Fight (uncredited)
Ronald Boone Fight Promoter (uncredited)
Nicole Boucher Biology Student (uncredited)
Van Brockmann Non-U.S.Citizen (uncredited)
Jodie Brunelle Yoga Student (uncredited)
Jeff T. Buco Gym Patron (uncredited)
Tom Carrigan Fight Patron (uncredited)
Arianny Celeste Arianny (uncredited)
Chemi Che-Mponda INS Class Student (uncredited)
Seth Chitwood Student (uncredited)
Patty Chong Fight Spectator (uncredited)
David Joseph Clarke Spectator (uncredited)
Jeffrey Corazzini Cameraman (uncredited)
D.W. Cormier UFC Cameraman (uncredited)
Jonathan Cornett Fight Patron (uncredited)
Christopher Coulouras MGM Grand Spectator (uncredited)
Max Cross Fight Spectator (uncredited)
Lily Davis Student (uncredited)
Richard DeAgazio Ringside Fight Judge (uncredited)
Kachina Dechert Ring Girl (uncredited)
Kevin DeCoste Traveller (uncredited)
Ronald Diberto (uncredited)
Bob Dio Ring Doctor (uncredited)
Steven Dougherty Background (uncredited)
Jonathan Draxton Fight Patron (uncredited)
Alex East VIP Girl (uncredited)
Paul Elicone Fight Spectator (uncredited)
R.W. Enoch Band Member (uncredited)
Jaquelyn Fabian Biology Student (uncredited)
Marc Ferrante New Citizen (uncredited)
Eric Ferraz Press Photographer at MMA Match (uncredited)
Kori Dawn Ferro High School Student (uncredited)
Sarah Fischer VIP Fight Viewer (uncredited)
Christopher Fisher MMA Fan (uncredited)
Mathew Fisher MMA Heckler (uncredited)
Shawn Fogarty MGM Grand Ringside Photographer (uncredited)
Joe Ford Spectator (uncredited)
Jane Forrestal Fight Patron (uncredited)
Carlyne Fournier Patron (uncredited)
John Franchi Blogger (uncredited)
Victor Franko Spectator (uncredited)
Nitasha Garcia Student / Fight Patron / New Citizen (uncredited)
Alexander 'Alex' Garde Spectator (uncredited)
Amanda George Fitness Club Receptionist (uncredited)
Mickey Gilmore Vegas Show Guy (uncredited)
Jayne Costello Goode Teacher (uncredited)
Nicholas R. Grava Jacob (uncredited)
Enku Gubaie Pedestrian (uncredited)
London Hall Core Teacher (uncredited)
Michael J Hammett Non-citizen (uncredited)
Elle Hartman Spectator (uncredited)
Zoe Hartman High School Student (uncredited)
Jeff Hatin Spectator (uncredited)
Cheryl Hawe Airline Passenger (uncredited)
Mackenzie Hawe Airline Passenger (uncredited)
Steve Head Warehouse Fight Patron (uncredited)
Marisa Iacomini Fight Patron (uncredited)
Frankie Imbergamo Traveller (uncredited)
Mike Jablon UFC Fight Fan (uncredited)
Charles Matumbi Jackson INS Class Student (uncredited)
Marcela Jaramillo Spectator / New Citizen (uncredited)
Robert Javinett Fight Spectator (uncredited)
Kimmie Johnson New Citizen (uncredited)
Olivia Jordan Ring Girl (uncredited)
Carl Juliano Biker at Dock Fights (uncredited)
Casey Kelly MGM Grand Spectator (uncredited)
J Parker Kent Fight Judge (uncredited)
Krystal Kenville Spectator (uncredited)
Jeffery Kincannon Official Fight Commissioner (uncredited)
David A. Kirsch Press Photographer (uncredited)
Seamus Knight Extra (uncredited)
Ren Knopf Asst Athletic Commissioner (uncredited)
Gwen Kosak Arena Fight Spectator (uncredited)
Deme Lane Friend of Bella Flores (uncredited)
Rob Lavin Fight Fan (uncredited)
Jason Leal Ringside Photographer / Fight Patron (uncredited)
Savanah Lee Student (uncredited)
James L. Leite Cornerman (uncredited)
John Joseph Lindsey MMA Spectator (uncredited)
Adam Edward Lonergan Cornerman / Fight Team (uncredited)
Matthias Lupri Tennis Player (uncredited)
Paul Lussier Spectator (uncredited)
Phyllis Lynn Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Lindsay MacDonald Student (uncredited)
John Macey Fight Patron (uncredited)
Rich Manley Male Receptionist (uncredited)
C.R. Marchi High Roller (uncredited)
Tom Mariano Fight Patron (uncredited)
Jeff Martineau Fight Gatekeeper (uncredited)
Robert Masiello Airline Traveler (uncredited)
Marely Mercedes Fight Patron (uncredited)
Cristina Moody Patron (uncredited)
Ashley Moran Fight Patron (uncredited)
Tony Moreira Fight Promotions Staff (uncredited)
Dave Morrison Crowd (uncredited)
Jason Mulcahy Photographer (uncredited)
Ken Murray VIP Audience Member (uncredited)
Chris Nuñez Fight Spectator (uncredited)
Dillon O'Donnell Student (uncredited)
Michael P. O'Toole High School Student (uncredited)
Allan Oliveira Fight Spectator (uncredited)
Richard Pacheco Time Keeper (uncredited)
Chris Palermo Press Photographer (uncredited)
Joseph Paolo Fight Patron (uncredited)
Jim Patton High School Teacher (uncredited)
Greg Paul Dock Fight Judge (uncredited)
Steve Perry Fight Patron (uncredited)
Dennis Pietrantonio EMT (uncredited)
Jeana Pondelli Patron (uncredited)
Christopher S. Porter Las Vegas High Roller (uncredited)
David Pulson MGM Grand Patron (uncredited)
Derek Raimo Fight Patron (uncredited)
Georgina Ransley Fight Fan (uncredited)
Seth Romero High School Student (uncredited)
Gary Roscoe Athletic Commissioner (uncredited)
Heather Rose Fan (uncredited)
Deborah Rosencrans Citizenship Student (uncredited)
Matt Rouillard Spectator (uncredited)
Rob Roy Extra (uncredited)
Kayla Ruhl VIP (uncredited)
Autumn Sacramone Extra (uncredited)
Jason Sandler High School Student (uncredited)
Amber Shonts UFC Ring Girl (uncredited)
Kenneth Siddons Spectator (uncredited)
Rich Skinner VIP High Roller (uncredited)
Matt Soscia Fight VIP Spectator (uncredited)
Matthew Spinale Spectator (uncredited)
David Struffolino Fair Booth Worker (uncredited)
David L. Tamarin Fight Patron (uncredited)
Michael Tarara Fan (uncredited)
Adam Teper Fight Spectator (uncredited)
Caitlin Blair Thistle Fight Spectator (uncredited)
Kristen Tusini High School Student (uncredited)
Pamela Valentine Fight Attendee (uncredited)
Aingea Venuto Little Girl with Yellow Balloon (uncredited)
George J. Vezina Teacher (uncredited)
Billy 'V' Vigeant Weightlifter (uncredited)
Kristin Waluk Fight Patron (uncredited)
Jamie Christopher White MMA Patron (uncredited)
William Xifaras Head of Security (uncredited)
Luke Young Non-U.S. Citizen (uncredited)
Teresa Zantua Teacher (uncredited)
Alex Ziwak MMA Corner Man (uncredited)
Germaine De Leon Martinez
Juston McKinney Ref at Factory
David Afflick Fight Security (uncredited)
Steve Bjork Indifferent Spectator (uncredited)
David Broyles High Schooler (uncredited)
Kasey Canzano High School Student (uncredited)
Amber Delph Biology Student (uncredited)
Ed Goode Fight Spectator (uncredited)
Kathleen Kennedy Town Hall Member (uncredited)
Hashim Lafond High School Student (uncredited)
Kamron Leal Ringside Photographer / Fight Patron (uncredited)
Gabrielle Popa Girl at the fair (uncredited)
Steven Rears Corner man (uncredited)
Stew Replogle Dockside Fight Spectator (uncredited)
Seth Malvín Romero High School Student (uncredited)
Pedro Sabino Athletics Commissioner (uncredited)
Vyvian B. Stevens Ringside blogger (uncredited)
Trishna Fight Patron (uncredited)
Adam Lonergan Cornerman / Fight Team (uncredited)
Thomas Gallagher Peter Voss
Odis Spencer Citizenship Official
Dale F. Appel Fight Patron (uncredited)
Alexandra Creteau Fight Patron (uncredited)
Mark Falvo Photographer (uncredited)
Kristin Harris Fight Patron (uncredited)
Jennifer Lazea Ring Girl (uncredited)
Conan Marchi High Roller (uncredited)
Peter Morse Octagon Gatekeeper (uncredited)
Katie Petkiewich Fight Fan (uncredited)
Jonathan Sawicki Fight Attendee (uncredited)
Ben Tanguay Fight spectator (uncredited)
Beau Turgeon Ringside Blogger (uncredited)
David Yorr High Schooler (uncredited)