The Night Swim (2006)
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Genres: Drama

Taglines: Arthur Spencer just lost his wife. Unfortunately, the rest of his family is still here.

Director: Dan Casserole, James Gabriel


Stars: Jeremy Asher, Alessandra Assaf, Daria Balling, Oto Brezina, ...

Arthur has lost just his wife, family has gathered to 'support' him. His daughters, Alice and Sophia, have problems of their own: Alice has to deal her husband Sam, while Sophia is returning home after a sixteen-year absence. Sophia's husband, Ted, a soap opera star, offers little help, while her daughter Patty is combative - at least on the outside. Arthur's brother-in-law Donald, tries to guide things, but with his daughters in tow, Lee and Charlotte, that becomes difficult: Lee finds solace in her cousin Will ; Charlotte, is distracted by items such as dolls and her husband, Grant, a real estate agent who seeks to find clients. Noah, the nurse who cared for Arthur's wife through her final days comes to pay his respects. But is that all he is there for? See it all in 'The Night Swim', the tale of a shallow family in the deep end.