Fear of a Black Republican (2011)
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Genres: Documentary, History

Taglines: The Film Neither Party Wants You To See.

Director: Kevin Williams


Stars: Edward Brooke, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Ann Coulter, ...

Examines why there are so few Black Republicans and how this affects the U.S. political system. Beginning in his hometown of Trenton, NJ, filmmaker Kevin Williams journeys over four years and two Presidential Elections to find out if America's Two-Party Political system is failing his city and the country. In taking a self-critical look at his own Republican Party, Williams speaks with both Democrats and Republicans to explore the GOP's efforts in urban areas versus the suburbs, the Democratic Party's success in retaining the African-American vote and the experiences of Black Republicans with Democrats and their own Party. The result is a documentary sure to create discussion amongst audiences and a film which they'll never forget. During this journey, Williams speaks with scholars such as Professor Cornel West and Professor Howard Taylor, political leaders like former Maryland Lieutenant Governor and Republican Party Chairman, Michael Steele and previous RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman; ...