Trinity: Part One - Gehenna (2009)
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Genres: Short, Horror, Thriller

Taglines: She's had the day from hell. It's about to get much worse.

Director: Dan Jacobson

Writers: Dan Jacobson

Stars: Wendy Gough, Stephanie Skewes, David Kieran, Brad Slaight, ...

After discovering some bad news regarding her husband, a long drive into the remote hills finds Debbie drowning her sorrows with booze and bad company. But what begins as a rough night rapidly descends into Hell on Earth. After being struck from behind, Debbie awakens in to a living nightmare trapped inside the lair of the sickest and most deranged of minds. Each blood-curdling step she takes to flee this den of madness reveals a horrifying new discovery...until the reason for her abduction becomes a shocking and terrifying revelation. Brutal and unrelenting, "Gehenna" is the first of three connected stories in the TRINITY horror anthology by Dan Jacobson. Combining an atmosphere of dread, inventively bold camerawork and disturbing twists, "Gehenna" pushes the boundaries of cinematic terror, turning the familiar "woman in peril" cliché on its ear.

Trinity: Part One - Gehenna Trailer