Full Cast & Crew - Totalka (2006)
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Totalka (2006)

Genres: Short, Drama

Director: Klemen Dvornik


Stars: Sonja Pavsic, Radko Polic, Matej Recer, Pia Zemljic, ...

Ivan gets up on quiet Saturday morning. His girlfriend Jana is drinking coffee in the living room. Peaceful atmosphere gets tensed because of Ivan's jealousy. His anger turns into dirty words, breakages, beating and blood. Jana throws Ivan out of the flat. Ivan is surprised. He sits in the car and drives home to the countryside. On the way trough the forest he crashes the car into the tree lying across the road. Car is totaled. Ivan realizes his mistake and starts crying. Out of the forest comes Janez, Ivan's dad, who acts very strange. Ivan goes home with his dad, leaving car behind. At home Ivan finds out that dad killed his mother. After half a year Ivan returns to Jana apologizing. She forgives him.


Klemen Dvornik


Klemen Dvornik producer


Sonja Pavsic Marija
Radko Polic Janez
Matej Recer Ivan
Pia Zemljic Jana