Jerry in Mexico (1916)
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Genres: Short, Comedy



Stars: George Ovey, Belle Bennett, George George, Jefferson Osborne, ...

Jerry has lost his job in the movies and is chased out of the United States into Mexico. He sneaks back over the line. His only support is a tree against which he is leaning. Here he reads and appropriates for future use a notice tacked thereto which offers a reward of $500 for the capture of Black Gomez, a bandit. At the boundary line post, one side reading "U.S." and the other "Mexico," he meets Farmer Brown who is staggering along the road under a heavy load of trouble. Jerry learns that Gomez has captured Brown's daughter Agie and robbed him; if Jerry saves his daughter he may have her for his wife, and Brown produces her photo. Jerry throws a sickly smile when he looks at it. With the reward in mind Jerry promises Brown, leans exhausted against the sign post, which, not being well secured, turns as he keeps turning with it, until the signs are in reverse position. Jerry reaches a Mexican roadhouse which happens to be owned by Gomez. Gomez has brought in Agie and sent her to a ...