Jerry and the Moonshiners (1916)
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Genres: Short, Comedy

Director: Milton J. Fahrney


Stars: George Ovey, George George, Jefferson Osborne, Janet Sully, ...

Jerry has boarded a freight and has successfully secluded himself from the watchful train crew. He is about to alight at a station when the town constable detects him. There is no way of escape and as he is about to give up, a bright idea comes to Jerry. He has with him a big roll of stage money and with it he bribes the "law." Making for the town tavern, Jerry believes that he can fool the man behind the bar with his fake money. Meanwhile, the constable gathers his cronies together and as they make merry the bartender discovers that the bill handed him by the guardian of the law is a fake. A fight results and in the mix-up Jerry escapes. In his wild dash for liberty Jerry comes across a settlement of moonshiners. He hides until all are out of sight, excepting the pretty daughter of one of the band. A flirtation follows and the girl accepts Jerry's advances. Soon the mother appears and the girl, frightened, runs away while Jerry is looking in another direction. The mother takes her ...