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Deadfall (2012)

Country: USA, France

Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Taglines: Don't try to escape from your past

Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky

Writers: Zach Dean

Stars: Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde, Charlie Hunnam, Patrick Kerton, ...

After a heist of a casino, the criminal Addison and his sister Liza are on the run to Canada with their driver/accomplice Theo. Out of the blue, Theo hits a deer and loses control of the car that leaves the road and overturns. Theo dies and Addison kills a patrolman that comes to help them. Then he splits the money with Liza and tells his sister to get a ride to the border while he will cross the woods. Addison leaves a trail of blood in his runaway. Meanwhile, the former boxer Jay, who was arrested for losing a fight, is released from prison on probation and calls his mother June Mills that lives in an isolated house with his estranged father Chet Mills that was the former Sheriff. June invites her son for the Thanksgiving dinner, but he goes first to the gym to collect money that his couch owes him. They quarrel and Jay hits him and believes that has killed him. He flees and while driving on the road, he sees Liza and gives a ride to her. Soon they fall in love with each other. ...

90 | 2012-12-07 | Andrew O'Hehir

It's a tight, taut, expertly crafted thriller from a director to watch.
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83 | 2012-11-28 | Eric Kohn

A bonafide family drama, proof that the noir has humanistic roots. It left me feeling thankful for persistent movie traditions.
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80 | 2012-11-28 | Rob Nelson

A highly satisfying Western-cum-noir in the old tradition, Deadfall is alive in ways that are all too rare among American movies.
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75 | 2012-12-14 | Calvin Wilson

Bana ("Munich") makes an effective bad guy. Hunnam portrays Jay as a hero worth rooting for. And Wilde turns in a nuanced performance as a woman in conflict with herself.
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75 | 2012-12-06 | Michael O'Sullivan

There's a powerfully creepy sensibility to Deadfall. But the way it handles the messiness of families -- a universal message given vivid metaphorical life in the blood and guts it leaves in its path -- is finally rewarding.
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75 | 2012-12-04 | Rex Reed

Deadfall is an above-average genre piece with a terrific cast that builds to a bloody Thanksgiving dinner shoot-out I found pretty close to unforgettable.
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70 | 2012-12-06 | Manohla Dargis

A diverting neo-noir, Deadfall brings to mind those dark, old-fashioned entertainments in rotation on Turner Classic Movies that suck you in with their genre machinery, sullen beauties and despair.
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70 | 2012-11-28 | David Rooney

Tonally, Deadfall seems to be aiming somewhere between Sam Raimi's "A Simple Plan" and the brilliant Pine Barrens episode of "The Sopranos," with a classic Western showdown at its climax. But the pedestrian writing holds it back.
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63 | 2012-11-28 | James Berardinelli

Deadfall suffers most obviously from a sense of not being adequately developed.
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55 | 2012-12-07 | Mark Jenkins

The movie's violence, although gruesome, flirts with slapstick, and the story appears bound for domestic comedy when all the major characters sit down for Thanksgiving dinner at June and Chet's grand Victorian farmhouse. But the meal becomes more freak show than satire.
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50 | 2012-12-23 | Walter Addiego

Despite a super-dark noir plot and respectable cast, Deadfall is a thriller that never quite delivers on its promise.
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50 | 2012-12-06 | Kate Taylor

Solid performances from veterans Sissy Spacek and Kris Kristofferson as Jay's parents, and Treat Williams as the sheriff, anchor the older generation, but the characters do tend to conform to stereotypes of hard, unforgiving men and loving, patient women.
Read More: The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

50 | 2012-12-06 | Richard Corliss

Deadfall, though, is a thing of pieces: splendidly efficient in its action sequences (car crash, knife fight, snowmobile chase), dawdling in dialogue scenes that should smolder with tension.
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50 | 2012-12-05 | Owen Gleiberman

There isn't much to the characters in this morose thriller.
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50 | 2012-12-04 | Simon Abrams

There are hints of a fun, trashy film beneath the surface, but that film is always subservient to the dull one Dean and Ruzowitzky were more comfortable making.
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42 | 2012-12-05 | Noel Murray

The best parts of Deadfall are absorbed into a scenario that frequently ditches the cat-and-mouse routine and tries instead to be about three dysfunctional families working toward reconciliation.
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40 | 2012-12-06 | Betsy Sharkey

Some of the language is smart, sinister and ironic in just the right ways, particularly when Addison, Eric Bana's serial-killing mastermind, delivers it. In other cases, the dialogue is so ludicrously off - either unnecessary, or unnecessarily misogynistic if a cop is doing the talking - that it's hard to believe the same person wrote it.
Read More: Los Angeles Times

40 | 2012-12-06 | Joe Neumaier

If Deadfall had more life, it might have been about more than just its wannabe edge. Ruzowitzky, whose 2007 film "The Counterfeiters" won a Best Foreign Film Oscar, understands the movie's simple plan. But it nonetheless puts us into a big sleep.
Read More: New York Daily News

38 | 2012-12-07 | Lou Lumenick

There's nothing you haven't seen before - and better - in Deadfall, which would seem to appeal mostly to fans of snowmobile chases.
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38 | 2012-12-06 | Ty Burr

Wilde is stuck with the harder job of simultaneously playing sexy, innocent, conniving, and heartsore, and the effort appears to give her a headache. "This is kind of like an old movie," Liza says to Jay in one scene. Lady, don't you wish.
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38 | 2012-11-28 | Chris Cabin

None of Eric Bana's mildly rousing moments clearly rise above the laborious gobbledygook that Ruzowitzky builds up through the course of the film's 94-minute duration.
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25 | 2012-12-06 | Drew Taylor

Watching Deadfall really is like being trapped in a blizzard – the cinematography is so muddy you can barely make out what's going on on screen (besides the bright splashes of blood) – you're antsy to be anywhere else but where you are.
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20 | 2012-12-04 | Sam Adams

Ruzowitzky (The Counterfeiters) may be an occasionally interesting visual stylist, but storytelling-wise, his second English-language effort couldn't be more stillborn.
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20 | 2012-11-28 | Nick Schager

A crime saga cobbled together from scraps of genre predecessors, Deadfall's unbelievable silliness escalates at every turn.
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