Alexander: Hero of Heroes (2007)
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Genres: Adventure

Taglines: Re-Live the Legend !

Director: Mark St. George

Writers: Mark St. George

Stars: Carrie Ainsworth, Rayne Aspengren, Jaime Avera, Roxanne Barr, ...

With the assassination of his rowdy and bawdy father King Philip in 336 BC, Alexander gathers up his Home-Boy Macedonians (30,000 or so) and crosses the Hellespont to strike Darius and the Persian Horde. The Persians, of course, torched the Acropolis three generations earlier. The Greeks (and Macedonians) never forgot. During his herculean 12-year odyssey, Alexander succeeds in creating a world empire from the Danube to the Indus. Ever the glorious conqueror, he shows not only military genius, but compassion for the conquered. Alexander's women (aside from his mother Olympias) include his life-long consort, Barsine, who takes him on erotic / chemical "trips". There is also Roxanne, the Bactrian princess / wannabe dancer, his possessive first wife and True Love. His second marriage to Stateira, Darius' clueless daughter, doesn't set well with Roxanne, which starts the tragic time-clock ticking. Roxanne opts into a regime-changing scenario-- orchestrated back in Athens by Demosthenes ...