Babovresky 3 (2015)
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Country: Czech Republic

Genres: Comedy

Director: Zdenek Troska

Writers: Lubos Draganovský, Marek Kalis, Zdenek Troska

Stars: Lucie Vondrácková, Jan Dolanský, Lucie Bílá, Veronika Zilková, ...

Zdenek Troska's summer comedy is a humorous look at life in a contemporary village. Here we follow, with detachment and comedic hyperbole, the snowballing misunderstandings and coincidences that really get the village inhabitants in a whirl. The story is not lacking love, jealousy, envy, intrigue and, above all, humorous moments where many will recognize a bit of themselves. The story begins where the second part left off: the mayor wants to exact his revenge on the local gossipers and sends them to the seaside for a vacation.