Full Cast & Crew - The Aristocrats (2005)
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The Aristocrats (2005)

Genres: Documentary, Comedy

Taglines: 100 Comedians. One Very Dirty Joke.

Director: Paul Provenza


Stars: Chris Albrecht, Jason Alexander, Hank Azaria, Shelley Berman, ...

Comedy veterans and co-creators Penn Jillette and Paul Provenza capitalize on their insider status and invite over 100 of their closest friends--who happen to be some of the biggest names in entertainment, from George Carlin, Whoopi Goldberg and Drew Carey to Gilbert Gottfried, Bob Saget, Paul Reiser and Sarah Silverman--to reminisce, analyze, deconstruct and deliver their own versions of the world's dirtiest joke, an old burlesque too extreme to be performed in public, called "The Aristocrats."


Paul Provenza


Glenn S. Alai associate producer
Peter Adam Golden producer
Penn Jillette executive producer
Krasher Lewis co-producer (as Ken Krasher Lewis)
Michael Lynn associate producer
Paul Provenza executive producer
Farley Ziegler supervising producer


Chris Albrecht Himself - HBO Chairman / CEO
Jason Alexander Himself
Hank Azaria Himself
Shelley Berman Himself
Steven Banks Billy the Mime (as Billy the Mime)
Lewis Black Himself
David Brenner Himself
Mario Cantone Himself
Drew Carey Himself
George Carlin Himself
Mark Cohen Himself
Scott 'Carrot Top' Thompson Himself (as Carrot Top)
Billy Connolly Himself
Pat Cooper Himself
Wayne Cotter Himself
Andy Dick Himself
Frank DiGiacomo Himself - Journalist
Phyllis Diller Herself
Susie Essman Herself
Carrie Fisher Herself
Joe Franklin Himself
Todd Glass Himself
Judy Gold Herself
Whoopi Goldberg Herself
Eddie Gorodetsky Himself
Gilbert Gottfried Himself
Dana Gould Himself - Writer / Producer
Allan Havey Himself
Eric Idle Himself
Dom Irrera Himself
Eddie Izzard Himself
Richard Jeni Himself
Jake Johannsen Himself
The Amazing Johnathan Himself (as Amazing Johnathan)
Alan Kirschenbaum Himself - Writer / Producer
Jay Kogen Himself - Writer / Producer
Sue Kolinsky Herself
Paul Krassner Himself - Satirist / Editor, 'The Realist'
Cathy Ladman Herself
Lisa Lampanelli Herself
Richard Lewis Himself
Wendy Liebman Herself
Bill Maher Himself
Howie Mandel Himself
Merrill Markoe Herself
Jay Marshall Himself
Jackie Martling Himself (as Jackie 'The Joke Man' Martling)
Chuck McCann Himself
Michael McKean Himself
Eric Mead Himself
Larry Miller Himself
Martin Mull Himself
Kevin Nealon Himself
Taylor Negron Himself
Otto Petersen Himself / George (as Otto)
Rick Overton Himself
Gary Owens Himself
Owen Morse Himself (as The Passing Zone)
Jonathan Wee Himself (as The Passing Zone)
Penn Jillette Himself (as Penn)
Teller Himself
Peter Pitofsky Himself
Emo Philips Himself
Kevin Pollak Himself
Paul Reiser Himself
Andy Richter Himself
Don Rickles Himself
Chris Rock Himself
Gregg Rogell Himself
Jeffrey Ross Himself
Jon Ross Himself
Rita Rudner Herself
Bob Saget Himself
T. Sean Shannon Himself - Writer / Producer, SNL
Harry Shearer Himself
Sarah Silverman Herself
Bobby Slayton Himself
Dick Smothers Himself (as The Smothers Brothers)
Tom Smothers Himself (as The Smothers Brothers)
Doug Stanhope Himself
Carrie Snow Herself
David Steinberg Himself
Jon Stewart Himself
Larry Storch Himself
Rip Taylor Himself
Dave Thomas Himself
Johnny Thompson Himself
Peter Tilden Himself
Bruce Vilanch Himself
Fred Willard Himself
Robin Williams Himself
Steven Wright Himself
Joe Garden Himself (Staff of the Onion)
Todd Hanson Himself (Staff of the Onion)
Tim Harrod Himself (Staff of the Onion)
Chris Karwowski Himself (Staff of the Onion)
Carol Kolb Herself (Staff of the Onion)
Maria Schneider Herself (The Onion Editorial Staff)
Trey Parker Cartman / Stan (voice)
Matt Stone Kyle / Kenny (voice)
Tim Conway Man in closing credits
Hugh M. Hefner Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
Jimmy Kimmel Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
Paul Provenza Himself (uncredited)
Rob Schneider Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)