Full Cast & Crew - Dickie Smalls: From Shame to Fame (2007)
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Dickie Smalls: From Shame to Fame (2007)

Genres: Comedy

Taglines: A coming of age documentary goes awry when it's revealed that Dickie Smalls a gimmick porn star from the eighties may be the father of the main subject.

Director: Ryan Hixson, Vick Smith


Stars: James Brandon Waterman, Chris Blasman, Alison Brie, Betsy Albert, ...

Derrick, a bastard, is about to become a father and begins to document his feelings on tape. Unfortunate for him, Perry, his lovably sadistic friend, convinces him they should make a documentary searching for his father. Fortunate for one of them it could be a ONE INCH penis having ex-porn star from the eighties.


Ryan Hixson
Vick Smith


Michael Blakey executive producer
Jennifer Goldstein associate producer
Ryan Hixson producer
Ileana Mahlke executive producer
Illeana Mahlke executive producer
Vick Smith producer


James Brandon Waterman Perry Williams
Chris Blasman Derrick
Alison Brie Mya
Betsy Albert White Waldo
Boze Anderson L-Train
John Boccia Clyde Vagar
Andy Bray Young Dickie Smalls
Cheryl Bricker Petter Lightly
Hailey Bright Young Zoe
Rod Britt Coach Smith
Allen Burns Dickie
Brian J. Deishel Lighting Guy
Heater Eady Shoe Porn Girl #2
Bryan Evans Darryl
Stephen Flowers D T Swenson
Alaina Gianci Lying Bitch
Sara Gray Confused College Girl Sarah
Stephanie Hendel Angry Bitch
Ori Kalmus Johnny Thickened
Elena Lucia Shoe Porn Girl #1
Erika Rio Marshall High School Beer Boy's Girlfriend
Pamela Mattioli Zoe Lewis
Kenny McClain Bubba Johnson
Sally Neilson Ms. Smalls
Melvin Nimer Mr. Smalls
Derek Shields High School Beer Boy
Chris Steinmetz Fairy Godfather
Walter Williamson Marty Friedman
Meredyth Yund Young Petter Lightly
Matt Chute Rationalist