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The Brothers Solomon (2007)

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy

Taglines: They want to put a baby in you.

Director: Bob Odenkirk

Writers: Will Forte

Stars: Will Arnett, Will Forte, Chi McBride, Kristen Wiig, ...

John and Dean Solomon may have Ph.D.s, but they're socially inept after their widowed father home-schooled them in Antarctica. When their beloved dad falls into a coma, they hatch a plan to revive him using a positive emotional shock - giving him a grandchild. They find a surrogate mom through Craig's list - she's Janine, a penniless local musician, with a large, intimidating boyfriend, James. The pregnancy gives the Solomons nine months to learn to be parents. In a side story, John pursues Tara, a neighbor who takes care of their dad when John and Dean are out; but she has no interest in John. Can the boys keep Janine and James happy, keep dad alive, and learn to be dads?

Release Dates:

USA 07 Sep 2007
Germany 20 Sep 2007
Belgium 26 Sep 2007
Italy 28 Sep 2007
Spain 05 Oct 2007
UK 02 Nov 2007
Ireland 02 Nov 2007
Russia 27 Dec 2007 (DVD premiere)
Argentina 22 Jan 2008 (DVD premiere)
Hungary 29 Jan 2008 (DVD premiere)
Netherlands 29 Jan 2008 (DVD premiere)
Greece 11 Feb 2008 (DVD premiere)
Japan 19 Mar 2008 (DVD premiere)
Iceland 26 Mar 2008 (DVD premiere)
Sweden 30 Apr 2008 (DVD premiere)
Finland 28 May 2008 (DVD premiere)
Australia 08 Dec 2008 (TV premiere)
Hungary 26 Mar 2009 (TV premiere)

Also Known As:

(original title) The Brothers Solomon
Argentina Los hermanos Solomon
Belgium (French title) Les frères Solomon
Canada (French title) Les frères Solomon
Germany Die Solomon Brüder
Spain Los hermanos Solomon
Finland Veljekset Solomon
Greece (DVD title) Moro kata... parangelia!
Hungary A gyerekesek
Italy I fratelli Solomon
Portugal À Toa Por Um Filho
Russia Братья Соломон
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) Братята Соломон