A Shot Gun Romance (1915)
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Genres: Short, Comedy

Director: Milton J. Fahrney


Stars: George Ovey, Belle Bennett, Jefferson Osborne, George George, ...

Jerry and Grace are in love but the latter's father frowns upon this match, preferring I.M. Short for a son-in-law. Grace protests strongly. Jerry writes his sweetheart a note planning an elopement but before reaching its destination it is discovered by the butler and given to the father. Grace is locked in her room and a plan of action is formulated to prevent the elopement. The elopement fails but with results not anticipated by the father. Next morning Grace sends a note to Jerry and plans means for escape. In a very amusing manner she eludes her father and meets Jerry at the appointed place. Here unknown to the lovers two toughs spy them and hide behind them. While Jerry is preparing for a little osculatory exercise and Grace has her eyes closed in anticipation each tough steals a kiss, Grace opening her eyes sees the toughs and she and Jerry run off in a panic. In the meanwhile the father, discovering the disappearance of his daughter, starts out after the runaway couple ...