The Seventh Bottle (2003)
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Genres: Drama, Short

Director: Gustavo Camelot

Writers: Gustavo Camelot

Stars: Mariela Santos, Gustavo Camelot, Hebe Tabachnik, Danielle James, ...

Valentina, a South American born artist, has been treasuring a bottle of magical wine labeled "First Love" by her grandfather - one of seven bottles he lovingly made for her to celebrate each milestone in her life. Valentina decides to open the bottle with her female lover, and the encounter is abruptly interrupted by Valentina's domineering mother, who then issues an ultimatum: find a boyfriend and lead a normal life, or be forever cut off. The trauma uleashes Valentina's alter-ego to deal with the situation. Valentina's need to feel loved and supported by her mother leads her into pursuing a heterosexual relationship that closets her sexuality... and her sanity.