Full Cast & Crew - America at the Movies (1976)
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America at the Movies (1976)

Genres: Documentary

Taglines: You want superstars? We got 'em.

Director: George Stevens Jr.

Writers: Theodore Strauss

Stars: Woody Allen, Alan Arkin, Martin Balsam, Anne Bancroft, ...

A compilation of scenes from 83 films, divided into 5 segments: The Land, The Cities, The Families, The Wars, The Spirit.


George Stevens Jr. (uncredited)


Theodore Strauss (narration written by)


Harrison Engle associate producer
George Stevens Jr. producer


Woody Allen Virgil Starkwell (archive footage)
Alan Arkin Capt. John Yossarian (archive footage)
Martin Balsam Col. Cathcart (archive footage)
Anne Bancroft Annie Sullivan / Mrs. Robinson (archive footage)
Wallace Beery Dan Packard (archive footage)
Richard Benjamin Maj. Danby (archive footage)
Joan Bennett Ellie Banks (archive footage)
Candice Bergen Susan (archive footage)
Humphrey Bogart Sam Spade / Fred C. Dobbs (archive footage)
Marlon Brando Terry Malloy / Stanley Kowalski (archive footage)
Walter Brennan 'Groot' Nadine (archive footage)
Richard Burton George (archive footage)
James Cagney George M. Cohan (archive footage)
Diahann Carroll Claudine (archive footage)
George Chakiris Bernardo (archive footage)
Charles Chaplin A factory worker (archive footage)
Montgomery Clift 'Matt' Garth / George Eastman (archive footage)
Claudette Colbert Ellie Andrews (archive footage)
Walter Connolly Alexander Andrews (archive footage)
Elisha Cook Jr. Wilmer Cook (archive footage)
Al Pacino Himself (archive footage)
Gary Cooper Alvin C. York / Jess Birdwell / Marshall Will Kane (arc
Jane Darwell Ma Joad (archive footage)
James Dean Himself (archive footage)
Ruby Dee Ruth Younger (archive footage)
Sandy Dennis Honey / Gwen Kellerman (archive footage)
Patty Duke Helen Keller (archive footage)
Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Joe Massara (archive footage)
W.C. Fields Mr. Dilweg (archive footage)
Henry Fonda Tom Joad / Wyatt Earp (archive footage)
Clark Gable Peter Warne / Blackie Norton (archive footage)
Art Garfunkel Sandy (archive footage)
Judy Garland Betsy Booth (archive footage)
Paulette Goddard A Gamin (archive footage)
Gene Hackman Himself (archive footage)
Jean Harlow Kitty Packard (archive footage)
Julie Harris Herself (archive footage)
Sterling Hayden Dix Handley / Brig. Gen. Jack D. Ripper (archive footag
Van Heflin Joe Starret (archive footage)
Katharine Hepburn Pam Thistlewaite (archive footage)
Dustin Hoffman Benjamin Braddock (archive footage)
Kim Hunter Stella Kowalski (archive footage)
Walter Huston Howard (archive footage)
Van Johnson Pfc. Holly (archive footage)
James Earl Jones Lt. Lothar Zogg / Roop (archive footage)
Jennifer Jones Jane Deborah Hilton (archive footage)
Buster Keaton William Canfield Jr. (archive footage)
Burt Lancaster Sgt. Milton Warden (archive footage)
Alan Ladd Shane (archive footage)
Oliver Hardy Ollie (archive footage) (as Hardy)
Stan Laurel Stan (archive footage) (as Laurel)
Jack Lemmon George Kellerman (archive footage)
Harold Lloyd The Boy (archive footage)
Jean Arthur Marian Starrett (archive footage)
Brandon De Wilde Joey Starrett (archive footage)
Chico Marx Joseph Pannello (archive footage) (as The Marx Bros)
Groucho Marx S. Quentin Quayle (archive footage) (as The Marx Bros)
Harpo Marx Rusty Pannello (archive footage) (as The Marx Bros)
Jeanette MacDonald Mary Blake (archive footage)
Joel McCrea Steve Judd (archive footage)
Rita Moreno Anita (archive footage)
Dorothy McGuire Eliza Birdwell (archive footage)
Audie Murphy Henry Fleming (the Youth) (archive footage)
Paul Newman Eddie Felson (archive footage)
Jack Nicholson Jonathan Fuerst / Robert Eroica Duprea (archive footage
Warren Oates Henry Hammond (archive footage)
Gregory Peck Jimmy Ringo (archive footage)
Anthony Perkins Josh Birdwell (archive footage)
Slim Pickens Major T.J. 'King' Kong (archive footage)
Sidney Poitier Walter Lee Younger (archive footage)
William Powell Clarence 'Father' Day (archive footage)
Tyrone Power Jamie Waring (archive footage)
John Qualen Muley Graves (archive footage)
Donna Reed Mary Hatch Bailey (archive footage)
Edward G. Robinson Caesar Enrico Bandetto (archive footage)
Mickey Rooney Andy Hardy (archive footage)
Katharine Ross Elaine Robinson (archive footage)
George C. Scott Bert Gordon / Gen. George S. Patton (archive footage)
Randolph Scott Gil Westrom (archive footage)
George Segal Nick (archive footage)
Rod Steiger Charlie Malloy (archive footage)
James Stewart Jefferson Smith / George Bailey / Charles A. Lindbergh
Shirley Temple Shirley Blake (archive footage)
Spencer Tracy Stanley T. Banks (archive footage)
Jon Voight Joe Buck (archive footage)
Elizabeth Taylor Martha (archive footage)
Robert Walker Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II (archive footage
John Wayne Tom Dustan / Ethan Edwards / Rooster Cogburn (archive f
James Whitmore Kinnie (archive footage)
Charlton Heston Narrator (voice)
Orson Welles Himself (archive footage)
Robert De Niro Himself (archive footage)
Alain Delon Narrator / RĂ©citant (voice)
Marie Dressler Carlotta Vance (archive footage)
Deborah Kerr Karen Holmes (archive footage)
Vivien Leigh Blanche DuBois (archive footage)
Agnes Moorehead Rebecca Prescott (archive footage)
Peter Sellers President Merkin Muffley / Dr. Strangelove (archive foo
John Anderson Elder Hammond (archive footage) (uncredited)
Rene Auberjonois Lt. Father Francis John Patrick Mulcahy (archive footag
Bob Balaban Capt. Orr (archive footage) (uncredited)
Robert Barrat 'Red' Baxter (archive footage) (uncredited)
Toni Basil Terry Grouse (archive footage) (uncredited)
Karen Black Rayette Dipesto (archive footage) (uncredited)
Glen Campbell Le Boeuf (archive footage) (uncredited)
Claudia Cardinale Jill McBain (archive footage) (uncredited)
Kim Darby Mattie Ross (archive footage) (uncredited)
James Drury Billy Hammond (archive footage) (uncredited)
Douglas Fowley 'Kipp' Kipton (archive footage) (uncredited)
Peg Hillias Eunice (archive footage) (uncredited)
Rock Hudson Jordan 'Bick' Benedict Jr. (archive footage) (uncredite
Jeffrey Hunter Martin Pawley (archive footage) (uncredited)
John Ireland Cherry Valance (archive footage) (uncredited)
Victor Jory Captain Arthur Keller (archive footage) (uncredited)
Helena Kallianiotes Palm Apodaca (archive footage) (uncredited)
Karl Malden Zebulon Prescott (archive footage) (uncredited)
Sal Mineo Angel Obregon II (archive footage) (uncredited)
George Murphy 'Pop' Stazak (archive footage) (uncredited)
Debbie Reynolds Lily Prescott (archive footage) (uncredited)
Martin Sheen 1st. Lt. Dobbs (archive footage) (uncredited)
Inga Swenson Kate Keller (archive footage) (uncredited)
Lorna Thayer Waitress (archive footage) (uncredited)
Margaret Wycherly Mrs. York (archive footage) (uncredited)