Morje v casu mrka (2008)
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Genres: Drama

Director: Jure Pervanje

Writers: Mate Dolenc, Jure Pervanje

Stars: Boris Cavazza, Ajda Smrekar, Devi Bragalini, Brane Gruber, ...

Val Sebald is an author who comes to the Island to retreat from life and land. There he lives among the islanders and his favorite women, the heroines of various maritime novels. His relations with actual women from his past are reduced to messages in bottles that he ceremonially throws into the water. Val brings the real and imaginary people together into a place he is comfortable with, while his real life also becomes more and more one with the sea and the underwater world. Fish are his ultimate and final challenge. As Ivana, a young girl, comes to the island with a group of tourists, she appears in Vlados life as an incarnation of probably his last ideal love, the ultimate Woman incarnate. The young woman, a painter, captivates Vlado because she prefers to paint the non-existent; and Val fascinates her most of all with his knowledge of the sea and diving. Although they spend many days and occasional evenings or nights together, the girl is seduced by an islander, who is much ...