Winter Silence (2008)
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Country: Netherlands

Genres: Drama

Director: Sonja Wyss

Writers: Sonja Wyss

Stars: Gerda Zangger, Sandra Utzinger, Brigitta Weber, Katalin Liptak, ...

A man, a woman and their four daughters live in a log cabin in a snowed-in village that lies jammed between high rocky mountains. The catholic belief and strong belief in sagas has a great influence on their daily lives. After an accident whereby the man dies, the woman and their adult daughters are left behind in mourning. At that moment the atmosphere of the film becomes dreamy. A sort of winter sleep. Deermen appear. They are figures who determine the duration of the mourning period. The widow wants to be remarried for quite some time, because a life in the mountains is too difficult for a woman alone with four daughters. The deermen have no intention to end the mourning period, as they have a secret affair with her daughters. And as soon as they would "release" the widow, would the daughters be allowed to marry. Separate from the other characters is an 11 year old girl. She symbolizes innocence. The girl lies asleep in a simple room. A snow owl sits in the open window and looks ...

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