Soundtracks - Pride and Glory (2008)
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Pride and Glory (2008)

Country: USA, Germany

Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Taglines: Truth. Honor. Loyalty. Family. What are you willing to sacrifice?

Director: Gavin O'Connor

Writers: Joe Carnahan, Gavin O'Connor, Greg O'Connor, Robert Hopes, ...

Stars: Colin Farrell, Edward Norton, Jon Voight, Noah Emmerich, ...

A family of police officers - patriarch, two sons, and a son-in-law - deals with corruption in a precinct in Washington Heights. Four officers die in an ambush at a drug dealer's apartment. It's brother Francis's precinct, so when the investigation led by brother Ray finds hints of police corruption, there's pressure to close ranks and save Frankie's career. Dad, a police brass, promises Ray that he and Frankie can clean things up, and Ray should focus on catching the drug dealer who killed the cops. Meanwhile, brother-in-law Jimmy, a hothead and an enforcer, is visited at home by a lowlife. Is Jimmy involved in the corruption? Where can this take the family?
Raza Hoodia
(Tweety Gonzalez Remix)
Written by Josh Norek, Jason Poras, Abe Velez (as Abraham Velez) and Tweety Gonzalez
Performed by Hip Hop Hoodíos
Courtesy of JN Media Group, LLC
Mi Tristeza
Written by Eduardo Martinez
Performed by Eddy Eddy
Courtesy of Ritmo Y Mambo
by special arrangement with The Orchard
O Come, All Ye Faithful
Performed by Cindy O'Connor, Sandy Howell, Fletcher Sheridan and Eric Bradley
Heard playing at Tezo's house.
Written by Candido Valdez
Performed by Cuba Libre (as Cubalibre)
Courtesy of Repent Records
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Written by Johnny Marks
Performed by Billy May
Courtesy of Capitol Records
Under license from EMI Film & Television Music
Jingle Bell Rock
Written by Joseph Beal (as Joe Beal) and James Boothe (as Jim Boothe)
Performed by The Swing Cats
Courtesy of Cleopatra Records
Written by Angel Garcia and Eric Atalan
Performed by Mezklah
Winter Wonderland
Written by Felix Bernard and Richard B. Smith (as Richard Smith)
Performed by Bing Crosby
Courtesy of Capitol Records
Under license from EMI Film & Television Music
Jingle Bells
Arranged by Jack Andrews
Heard on Christmas Day at Jon Voight's house.
Performed by Perry Como
Courtesy of The RCA Records Label
By Arrangement with Sony BMG Music Entertainment
Eso Ehh...!
Written by Joel F. Martinez (as Joel Martinez Mendoza) and Raul 'Alexis' Ortiz (as Raul Alexis Ortiz Rolon)
Performed by Alex y Fido (as Alexis & Fido)
Courtesy of Sony BMG Music Entertainmnet (US Latin) LLC
By Arrangement with Sony BMG
Julito Maraña
Written by C. Curet Alonso (as Catalino Tite Curet Alonso), Angel Rodriguez and Julio Ramos (as Julio Voltio)
Performed by Voltio featuring Tego Calderon
Courtesy of White Lion Records, Inc.
Game Show Musak
Written and Performed by Nathan Whitehead
Hip Chipol Luz Roja
Written and Performed by Monareta
Courtesy of Nacional Records
Hey Tia
Written by Camilo Lara
Performed by Mexican Institute of Sound (MIS)
Courtesy of Nacional Records
The Hard Way
Written by John Kessler, J. Swift and Rahsaan L. Jackson
Performed by Buc Fifty
Courtesy of Marc Ferrari / MasterSource
Balanca O Esqueleto
Written by Jonas Damasco Jr.
Performed by Familia Abada
Courtesy of West Side Latino
By special arrangement with The Orchard
Written by Misael
Performed by Bachata Con Sentido
Courtesy of Sunflower Entertainment Co., Inc.
By special arrangement with The Orchard
(South Rakkas Remix)
Written by Maya Arulpragasam, Justine Frischmann, Steve Mackey (as Stephen Mackey) and Ross Orton
Performed by Maya Arulpragasam (as M.I.A.)
Courtesy of Interscope Records / XL Recordings
Under license from Uni
Big Burn
Written by Billy Campion (as Bill Campion), Billy Ryan (as Bill Ryan),
Brendan Ryan, Mark Wike, P.J. O'Connor and Clive Tucker
Performed by The Bogmen
Courtesy of Arista Records, Inc.
By Arrangement with Sony BMG Music Entertainmen
Auld Lang Syne
Written by Daniel Charles
Performed by The Columba Minstrels
Courtesy of Classic Fox Records
Don't Say You Love Me
Written by Gabriel Lopez
Performed by Gloxxx, Young Sick, Sure-Thing and Big Shot
Courtesy of Gabriel Lopez
Written by Luis Días
Performed by Luis Días & Las Maravillas
The Open Reel
Written by Gregory Grene
Performed and Arranged by The Prodigals
Courtesy of Grab! Entertainment
By Arrangement with Pen Music Group, Inc.
Anyone Who Asks
Written by Thomas Walsh
Performed by Pugwash
Courtesy of 1969 Records
Bunch Of Red Roses
Written by Gregory Grene
Performed and Arranged by The Prodigals
Courtesy of Grab! Entertainment
By Arrangement with Pen Music Group, Inc.
Written by Sage Francis and Mark Isham
Performed by Sage Francis
Sage Francis appears courtesy of Epitaph Records