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August (2008)

Country: USA

Genres: Drama

Taglines: Excess breeds success.

Director: Austin Chick

Writers: Howard A. Rodman

Stars: Josh Hartnett, Naomie Harris, Adam Scott, Robin Tunney, ...

Tom and Josh Sterling have a start-up dot-com. It's gone public to initial success. Josh is the technical genius. Tom is the fast-talking and abrasive CEO, in charge of the business side. It's August, 2001, less than a month before they can sell their shares and, perhaps, make lots of money. But the company is running out of cash, its main client is stalling, and share values are falling. For Tom to maintain the firm's appearance, he must find cash: investors could rescue him, but at a high cost of his potential wealth and company control. Tom goes to his brother for a loan. At the same time, an old flame, Sarrah, comes back to the city. Can Tom hold things together, bravura and all?

91 | Owen Gleiberman

Anyone who thinks that Josh Hartnett isn't a true movie star should see his riveting, high-wire performance in August.
Read More: Entertainment Weekly

75 | Ken Fox

Stylish, well acted drama.
Read More: TV Guide Magazine

60 | Elizabeth Weitzman

There's not much to it, but Austin Chick's hyper-focused indie does serve as a nicely assured showcase for lead Josh Hartnett.
Read More: New York Daily News

50 | Dennis Harvey

This middling drama has no glaring faults, but simply lacks the intended urgency.
Read More: Variety

42 | Nathan Rabin

Chick's underwhelming exploration of post-millennial angst is as empty and vacant as its protagonist's inexpressive peepers.
Read More: The A.V. Club

40 | Justin Lowe

Another among this year's crop of features that demonstrates that having a cast with indie cred can sometimes do little to buoy a film's miscalculated execution.
Read More: The Hollywood Reporter

30 | Jeannette Catsoulis

The movie's amoral momentum is fatally slowed by an acronym-heavy script and flimsy characterizations that offer fine actors -- including Rip Torn as Tom's contemptuous father and Naomie Harris as his missed opportunity -- little to play.
Read More: The New York Times

20 | Nick Pinkerton

August seems to be missing something essential--a prologue? Or maybe it's not what's missing that's the problem, but what's here.
Read More: Village Voice

20 | Don R. Lewis

Tedious and ultimately pointless film.
Read More: Film Threat

12 | Kyle Smith

As usual, Hartnett exhibits the acting ability of linoleum; his performance would not be measurably changed if he lapsed into a coma halfway through. Only an amusing cameo by David Bowie enlivens things, but he's onscreen for just about two minutes at the end.
Read More: New York Post