Dvojka (2009)
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Genres: Drama

Director: Jaroslav Fuit

Writers: Richard Malatinský, Jaroslav Fuit

Stars: Kristýna Nováková, Jakub Wagner, Anna Bubníková, Vojtech Dyk, ...

Young couple Michal and Veronika lives together for five years and experiences first "fatigue" of the relationship. Michal would probably like to take it further to next level, Veronika just finished the college and hesitates between settling down and enjoying still some freedom. In order to move things in the positive way, Michal surprises Veronika by holiday in Sweden. Of course, with the bad luck very typical for him, everything goes wrong, romantic cabin rented via Internet proves to be a scam and they end up stuck in foreign country without any plan what to do next. At that moment, they meet Simon, young Czech traveler who seems to know his ways around Nordic countries very well. He helps them first with flat tire and offers them a stay in a cottage of his friend in Denmark. Along, with this, he gradually promotes himself to the third participant in their holiday trip. He is quite an opposite of serious underdog Michal - easy going, funny, seemingly lucky in everything he does. ...