Full Cast & Crew - When My Eyes Go Dark (2017)
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When My Eyes Go Dark (2017)

Country: USA

Genres: Thriller

Director: Timothy J. Aguado

Writers: Zachary Laoutides

Stars: Zachary Laoutides, Emmanuel Isaac, Nathan Ayala, Sami Younan, ...

Based on the early events of psychic Lazaro Ruben Torres, clinically declared dead five times. Lazaro a neighborhood medium inherits psychic abilities after a tragedy visits him and his daughter leaving her dead. Lazaro is determined to develop his gift trying to reconnect with his daughter. In the process he discovers the man who killed her.


Timothy J. Aguado


Zachary Laoutides (original story)


Zachary Laoutides producer
Timothy J. Aguado producer
Marius Iliescu producer
Mónica Esmeralda León executive producer (as Mónica E. León)
Joseph Mennella producer
Emmanuel Isaac associate producer
Dan Pasare associate producer


Zachary Laoutides Lazaro Ortiz
Emmanuel Isaac Aaron
Nathan Ayala Samuel Bassan
Sami Younan Asher
Nathalie Mendoza Child ghost
Mónica Esmeralda León Lazaro's girlfriend (as Mónica E. León)
Santos Mendoza Jr. Child ghost
Elizabeth Martinez Homeowner
Angel Reyna Janitor
Sol Camorlinga Mother
Mickey Synteklas Mini
Sharo Yousif Restaurant owner
Amparo Sanchez Brujua
Claudia T. Ramirez Client
Galilea Mendoza Maggie
Alex Villarreal Henchman
Elijah Wiesner Child ghost
Samuel Younan Mark
Eliel Alvarado Ramirez Child ghost