Rockstar (2000)
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Genres: Short, Music

Director: Douglas Adams


Stars: Douglas Adams, Polly Jane Rocket Adams, John Cleese

Douglas Adams own words: "In November (1999) Apple brought together a bunch of people under its AppleMaster program and taught us to use their new digital video editing stuff - the new iMac DV with Firewire ports and bundled iMovie software. (It's a very simple-to-use program that works like a cut and paste word processor for digital video at broadcast quality. It's pretty amazing stuff.) We each had to make our own video as part of the class. I made a kind of rock video, based on a song by my friend Margo Buchanan. Margo is a singer and songwriter who mostly works as a session singer but has one of the most amazing voices I know. She wrote it along with Miles Waters and her husband Wix. Wix is a very old friend of mine who had the same piano teacher as me at school, but it worked rather better for him than for me, and he was for years Paul McCartney's keyboard player. He also did the music for Starship Titanic. The guitarist on the track is the great Robbie McIntosh. Buy his acoustic...