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Black Friday (0)

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi

Taglines: Heroes... There is No Such Thing

Director: Crescentia Volz

Writers: Michael St. Denis, Jayme Schmitt, Crescentia Volz

Stars: Megan Frankovich, Ben Johnson, Jayme Schmitt, Meghan Lynne, ...

During the Thanksgiving season, Aliens, dormant for years, finally set their plans to conquer Earth into motion. The only thing standing in their way are two clueless friends who, with a little help from an excessive grump, just may have what it takes to fight back.
A good portion of the film was shot at Lorelei Cabins in Dubuque, Iowa.
When producer Jayme Schmitt and crew held a panel at DBQ Con 2016 in Dubuque, IA, actor Erick Avari was in attendance and was not only impressed with the project itself, but praised actress Megan Frankovich for her portrayal. He then proceeded to give them distribution advice.
The first teaser trailer was completed within an hour and was released during the time the script was in it's first revision.
According to producer/writer Jayme Schmitt, his character, Steve, is actually the main character from his YouTube series IN101M. In the web series, Steve represents a persona of the angry sheltered stereotype as the character remains in a closed environment throughout most of the series. Schmitt stated during the writing process that not only is the idea of a shared universe realistic enough to come to fruition but it would also be fun to throw the character in with others he's never been around before and see how it turns out.