Full Cast & Crew - It's a Wondrous Life (2018)
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It's a Wondrous Life (2018)

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Taglines: It's A Crazy World These Days

Director: Joseph Aniska, Larry Traiger

Writers: Joseph Aniska, Larry Traiger

Stars: Joseph Aniska, Douglas Rizzo Johnson, Raul S. Julia, Elizabeth Ruf, ...

Off his pills and on the run from Marie Guvment, Ronald Slayback shows up at the apartment of childhood friend, Trevor Jones, seeking shelter.


Joseph Aniska
Larry Traiger


Joseph Aniska (written by)
Larry Traiger (written by)


Joseph Aniska executive producer
Larry Traiger executive producer


Joseph Aniska Ronald Slayback
Douglas Rizzo Johnson Trevor Jones
Raul S. Julia Harry
Elizabeth Ruf Viola
Eileen Paulino Flo
Kathy Richter Marie Guvment / Social Worker (Theatre Scenes)
Charles Colter Marco
Wade Mylius Ray The Landlord
Anthony Broy Warehouse Janitor
Frank L. Messina Campaign Manager
Carson Grant Bus Stop Vagrant
Nik Taneris Soup Kitchen Worker
Jeremy Xtravaganza Tobin 'The Edible Incredible' / Cop 1 (Theatre Scenes)
J. Crickets Tonto 'The Balletic Bronco' / Travis (Theatre Scenes)
Elgin Giles Billy 'The Bottom' / Cop 2 (Theatre Scenes)
Neptune Luciano 'Tip Top' Timmy
Andre White Jack 'Swallow Me Timber' / Cop 3 (Theatre Scenes)
Marcus Palma B.
Roman Anthony Yo
Evan Green 'Eat Shit' Eddy
LeAnne Russell Jane
Carolina Mesarina Amy Why'dyadoittome
Venus Twin #1
Lizzy Twin #2
Robert Walker Knife Class Teacher
Sarah Schultz Knife Class Student
Mikayla Savuto Knife Class Student
Maria Pietranera Knife Class Student
Kate O'Brien Knife Class Student
Emily Brock Knife Class Student
Adrienne Joyce Knife Class Student (as Adrienne Ianniciello)
Jennette Nelligan Knife Class Student
Nate Steinwachs Don (Theatre Scenes)
Warren Traiger Marie's Husband
Brian Costantino Mikey (Policeman)
Nicky Julius Albert (Policeman)
Jon Douglas Rainey Ernie (Policeman)
Flippe Kikee Woman On The Street
Marlon Harrison Organic Produce Farmer
Larry Traiger Office Manager (voice)
Joe Hardy Wiley The Narrator
The Maltese Tulip The Narrator's Maltese