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Finding Sky (2010)

Genres: Drama, Romance

Taglines: Sometimes the only thing in the way of happiness is yourself

Director: Emily Sandifer

Writers: Emily Sandifer

Stars: Emily Sandifer, Sergio Bernal, Courtnie Long, Kerry Lynne McHugh, ...

"Finding Sky" follows the story of an aspiring actress Sky Hamilton (Sandifer), a small-town country girl from Idaho, who moves to Los Angeles with big dreams but is disappointed when her career is quickly going nowhere. She returns to her family's ranch for a vacation, only to question where she really belongs. She has an instant connection with her family's ranch-hand Sam De La Cruz (Bernal), but just as she thinks she's found her place, an unexpected turn of events in her career takes her back to Los Angeles. Sky is left to do some soul-searching, and must decide which of her two worlds completes her most.

Release Dates:

USA 20 Nov 2010 (American International Film Festival)