Full Cast & Crew - Mark of Death (2017)
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Mark of Death (2017)

Country: USA

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Horror

Director: Matt Spease

Writers: Matt Spease

Stars: Heather Nicole Rappold, Anthony Baker, Ryan Abbott, Holly Howard, ...

Witness the explosive return of Nick Wilson, in this new sequel/reboot for the character from the Evil On Queen Street series. Nick Wilson (Matt Spease) is now in a relationship with Sarah Thompson (Holly Howard) and things seem to be going well for him, until a man from his past comes calling. Erich Denham used to be a member of Nick's old group of thieves, but now he's in charge of the group and wants Nick out of the way because he believes Nick can't be trusted. The group murders not only Nick, but Sarah as well. What they didn't count on was that Lucifer would give Nick the opportunity to avenge his and Sarah's deaths, but he has a special twist to the stipulation though and Nick soon finds out that he is now a woman. But hell hath no fury like this woman scorned, so Nick sets out to get revenge. Erich and the rest of the group responsible for their deaths are now marked with a strange tattoo on their wrist, this tattoo disappears whenever they are killed.


Matt Spease


Matt Spease (screenplay)


Charlie Spease executive producer
Matt Spease producer


Heather Nicole Rappold Nicole Francis Wilson
Anthony Baker Erich Denham
Ryan Abbott Wings
Holly Howard Sarah Thompson
Matt Spease Nick Wilson
Alix Kruntorad Lulu
Miracle Davis Tracy O'Donnell
Bradley Osborne Damien Cruz
Phil Giourousis Lucifer
Jade Michael LaFont Jesus