Touch Wood (2010)
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Genres: Comedy

Taglines: Coming too soon.

Director: Alpesh Patel


Stars: Pramod Kumar, Gerry Bednob, Cyrcee Perreault, Drew Richards, ...

TOUCH WOOD is an outrageous mockumentary about an Indian movie producer Mr. Moto, who was once a hotshot movie producer in Bollywood (India). But his ultimate dream was to become a big time movie producer in Hollywood. Figuring that his fame would effortlessly carry over into Tinseltown, he set off to America some twenty odd years ago. Much to his dismay, he was unsuccessful in getting his sandal in any Hollywood door and eventually settled for producing adult films. Now it is twenty years later, and the legendary low budget adult film producer is on a mission to create the greatest adult film ever made to capture the attention of Hollywood. It is a race against time and money to make, "The Erect Elephant." Will Mr. Moto make the greatest adult film ever made and capture the attention of Hollywood or remain in "The Valley", the porn capitol of the world. Will his dreams of becoming a Hollywood Producer be realized or will he go broke? Touch Wood that Mr. Moto succeeds.