Full Cast & Crew - Starship Valiant: The Ties That Bind (2017)
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Starship Valiant: The Ties That Bind (2017)

Genres: Sci-Fi

Taglines: A battle is over. Now the wars begins.

Director: Brady Foster


Stars: Erin Elizabeth Cook, Desiree' Jones, Rick Vyper, Michael L. King, ...

When a new threat to the stability of the Federation arises, newly promoted Captain Jackson Kelham Bishop takes command of the newly uprated USS Valiant to unravel the threat and bring order to the region, but this enemy will test the crew of the Valiant like none ever have.


Brady Foster


Scott Johnson associate producer
Michael L. King executive producer


Erin Elizabeth Cook Nes'Ka
Desiree' Jones Security / USS Valor
Rick Vyper Fisher
Michael L. King Bishop
Krystal Willis Freedmon
David Harvey Science / USS Valor
Evan Wardwell Communications / USS Valor
Shirley Amauric Parker
Vance Major Minard
Jana Foster Navigator / USS Valiant
Rianne Ross Wellington
Andre Cotman Engineer / USS Valor
Captain Gary Foster Helmsman / USS Valiant
Charles Walker Suculon Soldier
Vance Major Minard