Electives (2016)
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Country: USA

Genres: Comedy

Director: Keith Ross Nelson

Writers: Keith Ross Nelson, Tracy A. Smith

Stars: Tracy A. Smith, Keith Ross Nelson, Rick Overton, Gerry Bednob, ...

About the not- so- ordinary Dick Chaney High School. (Go Hunters!) It focuses on the students, teachers and very unusual happenings at this school. Classes include the expected solids: history, math, English and science, but also some very interesting electives: southernology (a cross-cultural studies course: doesn't everyone need to know how to use a southern twang?), art(the teacher has made a career of painting portraits of mass murderers); chorus (can anybody carry a tune here?), make-up taught by a former mortuary aesthetician), and wood-shop (you don't even want to know- it's always a joy to watch the ambulance carry him away). The school also takes you to school sporting events and to see the staff outside of school (not just their homes, but for one special teacher, the mental hospital). Everyone is just a little off, except for the new chorus teacher, who, desperate for a job, accepted the assignment and now finds himself in an alternate reality.