Season 2 - Jay Leno's Garage (2015)
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Jay Leno's Garage (2015)

Country: USA

Genres: Documentary



Stars: Jay Leno, Donald Osborne, Karen Teliha, Mark T. Allen, ...

Jay Leno, a former late night show host shows his car enthusiast side in the new reality TV show, Jay Leno's Garage. Join Jay and his colleagues as they drive cars, motorcycles and anything that moves all while meeting new people and making new aquatinces along the way!

Seasons:   1 - 2

Season 2 Series:

15 Jun 2016
S2, Ep1 - Supercars

Jay investigates supercars in the Season 2 premiere, which features a ride in Robert Herjavec's Lamborghini; Nick Cannon's explanation for driving at low speeds in his Ferrari; and a test of Alonzo Bodden's knowledge of cars. Also: a look at a Koenigsegg sports car.
29 Jun 2016
S2, Ep3 - Anything But Four Wheels

Two-wheel stunt driving; the three-wheel iRoad vehicle. Also: A ride in the Hemi Under Glass; snowmobiling with X Games medalist Doug Henry.
06 Jul 2016
S2, Ep4 - Anarchy on Wheels

Jay goes against laws of safety, traffic, and design to understand the minds of automotive anarchists. He joins a Mad-Max inspired car culture, dives head first into the risky world of side car racing, and wows crowds in a massive monster truck...all to discover why rule-breakers might just have the most fun.
13 Jul 2016
S2, Ep5 - Essence of Cool

Jay Leno meets with fellow gearheads in an effort to find the essence of cool. He takes a motorcycle road trip with the rock legend Anthony Kiedis, learns how to drive like James Bond with stuntman Ben Collins, and cruises through the Hollywood Hills with his own personal icon, jazzman Herbie Hancock. Through these encounters, Jay discovers that thereâ€TMs nothing cooler than doing (and driving) exactly what you love, no matter what others say.