Season 1 - The Seventies (2015)
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The Seventies (2015)

Country: USA

Genres: Documentary, History



Stars: John Chancellor, Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley, Howard K. Smith, ...

A documentary series focusing on the ongoing Vietnam War, the Watergate scandal, evolving music industry, the Iran Hostage Crisis, the sexual revolution, and the rise of foreign and domestic terrorism.

Seasons:   1

Season 1 Series:

11 Jun 2015
S1, Ep1 - Television Gets Real

As a reaction to the sugar-infused shows of the 60's, television in the 70's was radical, ground-breaking and experimental. Television got real.
18 Jun 2015
S1, Ep2 - The United States vs. Nixon

A poorly executed political burglary leads Richard Nixon to be the only president in the history of the United States to resign while in office.
25 Jun 2015
S1, Ep3 - Peace with Honor

Traumatized by Vietnam on both the political left and right, the U.S. withdraws troops and tries to deal with a polarizing, unpopular war's aftermath.
09 Jul 2015
S1, Ep4 - Crimes & Cults

Cult killings like the Manson Family murders and serial killers such as The Zodiac, The Hillside Strangler, John Wayne Gacy and the Son of Sam have the nation gripped in fear as crime and murder dramatically rise throughout the decade.
16 Jul 2015
S1, Ep5 - The State of the Union Is Not Good

A raging recession and rising inflation doom Gerald Fords presidency, but Jimmy Carter's following administration suffers through the same economic strife as well as a crippling energy crisis and the Iranian hostage crisis.
23 Jul 2015
S1, Ep6 - Battle of the Sexes

The Women's Liberation Movement sweeps the country in the 70's. Women gain an improved empowerment with the Equal Rights Amendment. And a sexual revolution changes women's roles in sexual freedom's, birth control and relationships.
30 Jul 2015
S1, Ep7 - Terror at Home and Abroad

Global terrorism is on the rise and is brought to every home in America through ever increasing media coverage. The Weather Underground, Symbionese Liberation Army, hijackings and the attacks at the 72' Olympic Games in Munich are covered.
13 Aug 2015
S1, Ep8 - What's Goin' On

The music scene of the 70's explodes with new sounds and style thanks to the emergence of a wealth of talented musicians coming into their own. Also, The Beatles breakup but they all remain successful with solo careers.