Season Unknown - FabLife (2015)
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FabLife (2015)

Genres: Talk-Show

Director: Ashley S. Gorman


Stars: Joe Zee, Lauren Makk, Leah Ashley, Chrissy Teigen, ...

A talk-show that focuses on lifestyle topics.

Seasons:   1 - Unknown

Season Unknown Series:

14 Sep 2015
S1, Ep1 - Take on Teigen/Ultimate FabLife Makeover/Hack or Quack?

In the series premiere, an ultimate "FabLife" makeover is given to a diner waitress; Chrissy challenges people to a hot-pepper eating contest; Tyra reveals why she trimmed her trademark tresses.
15 Sep 2015
S1, Ep2 - Fashion Drop with Joe Zee/Elevator Pitch/It's a Ruff Life/Just Sayin'

Joe reveals secrets anyone can use to triple her wardrobe; Tyra hears pitches from female inventors, during an elevator ride; simple, DIY dog beds are created.
16 Sep 2015
S1, Ep3 - DISH-Aster/Networth/Fantastic Thrift Store Finds/How Often Should You Wash Your Bra?

Rocco DiSpirito prepares guilt-free lasagna; solutions to prevent common food fails; a surprise for aspiring fashion designer Kyemah McEntyre; thrift-store finds; "How Often Should You Wash Your Bra?"; and Tyra's mom, Carolyn London, visits.
17 Sep 2015
S1, Ep4 - Secret Menus Revealed/Makk Attack Makeover/Ty-Raid/Hack or Quack: Pepto-Potato Facial

Chrissy reveals special menu items which chain restaurants don't advertise; the first fan, who had requested tickets to the show, receives a home makeover from Lauren; Tyra discovers beauty tips in the handbags of audience members.
18 Sep 2015
S1, Ep5 - Chrissy's Emmy Eats/SHE-Shed Makeover/Top Fashion Trends for Fall

Party snacks ideas inspired by Emmy nominees; a woman is surprised with a dream "SHE-Shed" for her 30th wedding anniversary; fashion trends for fall.
21 Sep 2015
S1, Ep6 - Episode #1.6

Tyra and Chrissy discuss their pregnancy struggles; appetizers that can be prepared in less than 60 seconds; a kitchen gadget that can open bottles; secrets for getting back one's waistline.
22 Sep 2015
S1, Ep7 - Fried Chicken Showdown/Fall Fashion Trends

A fried-chicken showdown between John Legend and chef John Besh; fall fashion trends; transforming workout pants into fancy ones; must-have apps for women.
23 Sep 2015
S1, Ep8 - Stop Asking/Ultimate FABLife Bedroom Makeover/Supermodel Selfie Secrets/Five for One Lemons

Tyra and Chrissy thank viewers who supported their IVF struggles; an aspiring musician, who is donating a kidney to her mom, is surprised with a bedroom makeover; supermodel selfie secrets; five nonfood-related tips for using lemons.
24 Sep 2015
S1, Ep9 - Pinterest Fails/Borrowed from the Boys/Take on Teigen/Lauren Makk's Home Runs/Hack or Quack

DIY Pinterest fails are revealed; tips on how a woman can raid her man's wardrobe and use his signature pieces to look fashionable; Chrissy hits the streets for a sour-taste-test challenge; fixes for four common decorating dilemmas.
25 Sep 2015
S1, Ep10 - Freaky Friday Makeover/Secrets to Finding the Perfect Lipstick for Your Complexion/Leave It to Leah

Identical twin sisters, a tomboy and a glamour girl with opposite personalities and styles, trade places to see if people treat them differently, based on how they look.
28 Sep 2015
S1, Ep11 - Episode #1.11

Stylists reveal secrets to "going nude"; Tyra shares makeup-free selfies; a step-by-step guide to an all-natural, no-makeup look; Celebrity Chef Ronnie Woo shares a spicy, pan-fried chicken-breast recipe; nude fashion must-haves.
29 Sep 2015
S1, Ep12 - Tyra's Top 5 Beauty Secrets for Moms-on-the-Go/Surprise Emergen-Zee Makeover/Tag Team Teigen

Five beauty secrets for moms on the go; a recently divorced mother gets a fashion makeover; how to turn 12 wardrobe pieces into 30 outfits; Chrissy and her mom, Pepper, give a cooking lesson to a Los Angeles doctor.
30 Sep 2015
S1, Ep13 - No. 1 Secret to Getting Rid of Wrinkles for Good/Food Finds/Hack Off: Beauty vs. Baby/1-2-3s of DIY/Makk's Home Hacks/Tim McClellan

A secret to getting rid of wrinkles; the monster-milkshakes food trend; baby products that double as beauty products; old cribs are made into brand new desks; tips for hanging a picture wall.
01 Oct 2015
S1, Ep14 - FABLife Exclusive: Simone Anderson/Pinterest Food Fails/Five for One: Coconuts/$25 Steals/Hack or Quack

A woman, who lost nearly 200 pounds, shares her story and reveals her new body, six days following surgery to remove excess skin; seven key pieces women need in their closet; a viewer gets a mozzarella-stick recipe do-over.
02 Oct 2015
S1, Ep15 - Celebrity Chef Richard Blais/Top Fall Fashion Trends: Finding the Perfect Boots/Great Hair at Any Length: Insider Secrets

Celebrity chef Richard Blais shares burger secrets; finding the perfect fall boots; hair-makeover tips from stylist Kiyah Wright.
05 Oct 2015
S1, Ep16 - Chrissy Teigen & Kendra Wilkenson Make Healthy Purse Snacks for Busy Moms on the Go/Ultimate Makeover for Mom

Chrissy and Kendra Wilkinson make healthy "purse snacks" for busy moms; a makeover for a mother who dresses like her teen daughter; anti-aging beauty tips; and real vs. fake beauty, fashion, food, design and DIY trends.
06 Oct 2015
S1, Ep17 - Top Secrets for Dressing for Your Body Type After Weight Loss/Pinterest Fails/Lauren's Home Runs/Hot Fall Fashion Finds/Hack or Quack?

Fashion tips for dramatic weight losses; do-it-yourself wreaths for fall; inexpensive bedroom decorations; a new fall fashion trend; an easy way to peel hard-boiled eggs.
07 Oct 2015
S1, Ep18 - "Empire" Star Grace Gealey Confirms Engagement to Co-Star Trai Byers/YouTube Superstar Bethany Mota/Celebrity Pastry Chef Duff Goldman

Grace Gealey (Empire (2015)); YouTube's Bethany Mota; Duff Goldman (Ace of Cakes (2006)).
08 Oct 2015
S1, Ep19 - FABLife Throws the Ultimate Birthday Party for Quadruplets/Secrets to Younger-Looking Hands and Hot New Nail Art Trends

A birthday party for 1-year-old quadruplets; ideas for children's parties; secrets to younger-looking hands.
09 Oct 2015
S1, Ep20 - Chrissy Teigen's Tailgate Treats/Gameday Gear Makeover/5 for 1 Vinegar/Lauren's Home Help

Tailgate party snacks; a football fan's wife gets a makeover; five hacks using vinegar.
12 Oct 2015
S1, Ep21 - Fashion Collection Made by 3-D Printers/Food Trends/Fall Fashion Trends/DIY Home-Improvement Projects/Solutions to High Heel Problems

Israeli designer Danit Peleg previews a fashion collection made entirely with 3-D printers; food trends; Fall-fashions trends; a step-by-step beginner's guide to DIY home-improvement projects; a hack that solves problems from wearing high heels.
13 Oct 2015
S1, Ep22 - Nick Jonas and Matt Lauria Make Apple-Pie Smoothies with Chrissy Teigen/Dressed by My Dude

Nick Jonas and Matt Lauria (Kingdom (2014)) make an apple-pie smoothie; a husband is challenged to make over his wife for $100 or less; viewers go backstage to the FABLife fashion closet.
14 Oct 2015
S1, Ep23 - The Real Housewives of Orange County/Hide & Chic/App-Solutely Fabulous

Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador discuss The Real Housewives of Orange County (2006) reunion special; a recipe for orange, arugula, pomegranate salad with poppy seed dressing.
15 Oct 2015
S1, Ep24 - Chrissy Teigen's Kitchen Must-Haves/Secrets to Camouflaging Problem Areas and Highlighting Your Favorite Features

Kitchen must-haves; fashion secrets to camouflage flabby arms and conceal muffin tops; home-decorating ideas for Fall; simple DIY for making a budget-friendly lamp.
16 Oct 2015
S1, Ep25 - Food Finds/Emergen-Zee Makeover/Real Estate High Low

Chrissy creates a flight of bacon using unexpected flavors; a single mother of five gets a fashion makeover, utilizing 15 wardrobe pieces; finding affordable homes.
19 Oct 2015
S1, Ep26 - Hot New Pizza Trend/Top Things Every Woman Needs to Know/No. 1 Secret to Finding the Perfect Bra for Your Body Type

Pizza-making champion Tony Gemignani; finding the perfect bra; quick fixes for beauty-care blunders; a makeover for a woman who's worn the same makeup, since high school.
20 Oct 2015
S1, Ep27 - Hot Hairstyle Transformation/Food Finds/DIY on a Dime

Dramatic hair makeovers and secrets for finding the perfect bang for your face shape; food trends in edible dinnerware; DIY pumpkins planters and centerpieces for Halloween and Thanksgiving.
21 Oct 2015
S1, Ep28 - Chrissy Teigen's Thai-Inspired Slow-Cooked Short-Ribs with Peanut Sauce and Mango Salsa

Thai-inspired, slow-cooked short-ribs, with peanut sauce and mango salsa, are prepared; secrets to get kids to eat vegetables; DIY disasters on Pinterest; apps for saving money and upgrading fashion style.
22 Oct 2015
S1, Ep29 - Restaurant Chef Secrets Revealed/Chrissy Teigen's Perfect Pretzel Recipe/Top Food, Fashion, Beauty, DIY and Design Must-Haves

Restaurant-chef secrets are revealed; pretzel recipe; fall-fashion trends for men; a makeover of a crowded, inefficient and messy Los Angeles office; three easy affordable storage solutions.
23 Oct 2015
S1, Ep30 - Fast Fixes for the Biggest Problems Women Have/Chrissy Teigen's Fall Comfort Food Microwave Meals in Minutes

John Legend; DIY fixes for frustrating problems women face; Fall comfort-food microwave meals; time-saving recipes for mac and cheese; a chocolate peanut-butter cake in a mug.
26 Oct 2015
S1, Ep31 - Episode #1.31

Chrissy Teigen discusses her pregnancy; Tyra Banks reveals why she is ending America's Next Top Model (2003), after 12 years; how to achieve the ideal body shape; a quick-draw leftovers challenge.
27 Oct 2015
S1, Ep32 - Episode #1.32

Recipes for pumpkin spice chicken and purple mashed potatoes; spooky liquid-nitrogen frozen treats; last-minute Halloween decorations; the hot new color for fall; top-5 must-have women's fashions; foods to help improve aging.
28 Oct 2015
S1, Ep33 - How Dirty Is Your Handbag?/Is Your Makeup Dangerous?/Kitchen Myths/Pet Halloween Costumes

George Foreman shares steak-grilling secrets; how dirty is your handbag?; potentially dangerous makeup; an app to keep kids safe on Halloween; DIV trick-or-treat bags; Halloween costumes for pets.
29 Oct 2015
S1, Ep34 - Baby Shower Extravaganza/Mommy Hacks

A baby shower is thrown for Leah Ashley and an audience of pregnant women, complete with giveaways; pregnancy fashion dilemmas are dealt with; Elle Walker shares the top mom-approved hacks.
30 Oct 2015
S1, Ep35 - Halloween Special: Halloween Decorating Secrets, Treats and Kid's Costumes

Celebrity-inspired Halloween costumes; Halloween decorating secrets, treats and last-minute DIY children's costumes.
02 Nov 2015
S1, Ep36 - Episode #1.36

03 Nov 2015
S1, Ep37 - Best Fall Jackets for Under $50/Take On Teigen: Tots Edition/Ultimate FABLife Surprise for Bride-to-Be/Super Saver Week Continues

Fall jackets for less than $50; elementary-school kids discuss who would make a good President; how to make "bubbly pizza"; a bride-to-be receives a makeover and dream honeymoon.
04 Nov 2015
S1, Ep38 - FabLife High-Low Luxury for Less Show/Secrets to Mixing and Matching High-Low Fashion Items/Chrissy Teigen's Split-Pea Soup and Taco Salad

Insider secrets to getting designer fashion and celebrity looks; a recipe for split-pea soup and taco salad; two sisters and roommates are challenged to guess the high-end and low-end items in a room.
05 Nov 2015
S1, Ep39 - Ultimate Fab Find Steals and Deals for Under $20/Chrissy Teigen's Easy Under $20 Dinner/Joe Zee's Under $20 Fashion Finds

An easy dinner for under $20; a recipe for cheese rice with sausage and broccoli; celebrity-inspired fashion accessories for less than $20; home-decorating must-haves; a guide to making a baby mobile for less than $10.
06 Nov 2015
S1, Ep40 - FABLife Kids Extravaganza/Take on Teigen: Tots Edition/11-Year-Old Kid Chef Scarlett Francis/9-Year-Old Kid Fashionista

Six-year-olds play "guest that kitchen gadget"; 11-year-old chef Scarlett Francis shares a Cali-Korean inspired recipe; a 9-year-old fashionista and designer shares fashion-design secrets.
09 Nov 2015
S1, Ep41 - Best FABLife Finds/Best Bras for Under $20/The Best Chicken & Waffles with Chef John Seymour/Best Pet Toys & Gadgets

Bras for under $20; chicken and waffles with chef John Seymour; pet toys and gadgets; a young boy gets his dream dog; a guest receives a hair makeover.
10 Nov 2015
S1, Ep42 - Crazy Closet Extravaganza: John Legend Gives Viewers a Tour of Wife Chrissy Teigen's Closet/Outrageous Celebrity Closets Revealed

John Legend gives a tour of his wife's, Chrissy Teigen, closet; sneak peeks inside other celebrities' closets and the most expensive closet in America; Wolfgang Puck's Thanksgiving recipe secrets.
11 Nov 2015
S1, Ep43 - Veterans Day Special/Chrissy Teigen's Grilled Cheese Truck Adventure/Random Acts of FAB/Tia Mowry-Hardrict/Incredible Makeover Surprise

Veterans Day Special honors those who have served and those serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. A food-truck ambush; a military-inspired fashion show; Tia Mowry-Hardrict (Tia Mowry at Home (2015)).
12 Nov 2015
S1, Ep44 - Throwback Thursday Decades Flashback Special/Debbie Allen/Chrissy Teigen's Twist on 50's Diner Food Favorites/Iconic '70s Sensation Charo

FABLife stylists dress for the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1990s; Debbie Allen demonstrates dance moves, inspired by the film, Fame (1980); 1950s diner food favorites; Charo makes a lava lamp; a look at what the hosts would look like in 10,000 years.
13 Nov 2015
S1, Ep45 - Ultimate Beauty Secrets Spectacular with Cindy Crawford/Surprising Beauty Trends That Make You Look Older/Fountain of Youth Face Mask

Cindy Crawford shares aging secrets; celebrity makeup artist Brittany Ingram discusses beauty trends that can make you look older; a test of an anti-aging home-remedy face-mask; three fashion fixes to make you look younger.
16 Nov 2015
S1, Ep46 - Viewers' Choice Day/John Legend and Family Reveal Favorite Family Recipes/Legendary Game Show Host Wink Martindale

In the kitchen with John Legend and his family; a tour of Leah Ashley's baby nursery; a "Family Food Challenge" with Wink Martindale. Also: prom-dress designer Kyemah McEntyre.
17 Nov 2015
S1, Ep47 - Easy Luxury Secrets Special/"Scandal" Star Bellamy Young's Huge Surprise for Her No. 1 Superfan/Random Acts of FAB

Inexpensive designer looks with Bellamy Young (Scandal (2012)); a pork egg roll recipe with Adam Richman (Man v. Food (2008)). Also: the hosts share their favorite high-tech gadgets; and give a special send-off to Leah Ashley, as she begins her maternity leave.
18 Nov 2015
S1, Ep48 - Julie & Todd Chrisley/At Home with Tori/Tori Spelling's Holiday Decorating Secrets and Under $10 Gift Ideas

Julie Chrisley and Todd Chrisley (Chrisley Knows Best (2014)); Tori Spelling.
19 Nov 2015
S1, Ep49 - 7 Days to Thanksgiving Countdown with Valerie Bertinelli and Melissa Rycroft/Valerie Bertinell's Famous Gumbo

Valerie Bertinelli (Valerie's Home Cooking (2015)) prepares gumbo; how to select the perfect Thanksgiving outfit; two viewers receive makeover tips; five guest-room makeover secrets; guest co-hostess Melissa Rycroft.
20 Nov 2015
S1, Ep50 - FABLife Comfort Show/Tori Spelling's Thanksgiving Centerpiece Secrets/Slow Cooker Showdown/Teigen Tastes/Chef Ben Ford

Guest co-host Nick Lachey; Tori Spelling organizes a Thanksgiving centerpiece; chef Ben Ford prepares chili and bread pudding; taste tests of the American Coney Hot Dog from Detroit and the "Juicy Lucy" hamburger from Matt's Bar in Minneapolis.
23 Nov 2015
S1, Ep51 - Countdown to Thanksgiving with Chef Scott Conant/Exclusive First Look at Leah Ashley's New Baby/Million Dollar Listing Real Estate Secrets

Chef Scott Conant; Leah Ashley's newborn baby; Josh Altman and Josh Flagg (Million Dollar Listing (2006)); Finola Hughes.
24 Nov 2015
S1, Ep52 - Giada DeLaurentiis' Thanksgiving Recipe Secrets/$25 Thanksgiving Steals/Thanksgiving Kids Table Transformation

Aurhor Giada De Laurentiis (book, "Happy Cooking") offers recipes for Thanksgiving side dishes and pumpkin pie; money-saving holiday food, fashion, beauty and travel secrets; steps to make a festive Thanksgiving kids' table.
25 Nov 2015
S1, Ep53 - Ultimate Thanksgiving Day Survival Guide/Secrets to Carving and Preparing the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey with Chef Richard Blais

Chef Richard Blais provides advice to preparing and carving the Thanksgiving turkey; Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping tips; how to make the perfect holiday card, cocktails and mocktails.
30 Nov 2015
S1, Ep54 - Chrissy Teigen's Birthday/Cyber Monday Beauty and Fashion Finds Flash Sale/Housewives on the Hot Seat

Chrissy Teigen's birthday surprise; Cyber Monday beauty-and-fashion sale; "Real Housewives..." stars Sonja Morgan, Kyle Richards and Cynthia Bailey; LL Cool J; Andy Cohen.
01 Dec 2015
S1, Ep55 - Alison Sweeney's Holiday Ornament Decorating Secrets/Property Brothers to the Rescue/A Day in My Heels: Social Experiment

Alison Sweeney makes Christmas-tree ornaments; Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa prepare breakfast toast cups and crème brulee; Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott answer homeowners' questions.
02 Dec 2015
S1, Ep56 - FABLife Fridge Raider Challenge/Splurge or Save Holiday Decorating Challenge/Holiday Super-Saving Secrets

Guest Co-host Anthony Carrino shares kitchen design secrets; chef Stuart O'Keeffe creates a poached-egg breakfast using leftovers and share recipes for short ribs and mashed potatoes.
03 Dec 2015
S1, Ep57 - Chrissy Teigen's Fried Food Flights/Best Boots for Under $75/Nigella Lawson's Cider and Five-Spice Bundt Cake/Food Finds: Rainbow Bagels

Chrissy Teigen shares her favorite fried-food flights that satisfy her cravings during pregnancy; boots for less than $75; Nigella Lawsonprepares a cider and five-spice bundt cake; rainbow bagels are taste-tested; simple fashion and home décor DIY projects; Melissa Rycroft; author Joselyn Hughes.
04 Dec 2015
S1, Ep58 - Tyra Banks' Birthday/Celebrity Fashion Face-Off/Christina Milian's Cuban Sugar Cookies/Kenny G's Birthday Surprise for Tyra Banks

Tracee Ellis Ross (Black-ish (2014)) discusses her fashion style and growing up as the daughter of Diana Ross; Joe Zee challenges Ross and a fan to a celebrity fashion game; guest hostess Christina Milian prepares Cuban sugar cookies; Kenny G serenades Tyra on her birthday.
07 Dec 2015
S1, Ep59 - Episode #1.59

08 Dec 2015
S1, Ep60 - Episode #1.60

09 Dec 2015
S1, Ep61 - Suzanne Somers' Top Holiday Party Must-Haves/Chef Graham Elliot's Holiday Truffle Popcorn/Holiday Photo Do's and Don'ts

Suzanne Somers shares holiday party-hosting secrets; chef Graham Elliot cooks up truffle popcorn; holiday photo do's and don'ts; winter-wonderland decorating guide; monochromatic colors and metallics in fashion.
10 Dec 2015
S1, Ep62 - FABLife Man Show Special/Inside Secrets to Getting the Guy/What Men Really Think/Chef Todd English's Short Rib Chili

Men discuss dating and relationships, and results of a survey are released; dating expert Matthew Hussey discusses relationship do's and don'ts; short rib chili; bacon-wrapped tenderloin tips.
11 Dec 2015
S1, Ep63 - Liv Tyler's Favorite Movie Looks/Roselyn Sanchez/Chefs Bryan Voltaggio & Michael Voltaggio/Top 3 Beauty Blunders Women Make

Liv Tyler talks about motherhood, her famous father Steven Tyler, and re-creating iconic fashion looks from her movies; co-hostess Roselyn Sanchez shares favorite holiday traditions; Bryan Voltaggio and Michael Voltaggio .
14 Dec 2015
S1, Ep64 - Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone/Best Handbag Under $50/Santa's Swag Holiday Giveaway/DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

Guest co-host Curtis Stone shares recipes for broccoli stir-fried rice, seasonal squash, and a roasted beet and quinoa salad; best handbags for under $50; Santa's swag holiday giveaway.
15 Dec 2015
S1, Ep65 - Haylie Duff/Dolly Parton/3 Steps to Flawless, Younger-Looking Skin/Santa's Swag Holiday Giveaways/Secrets to Packing Like a Pro

Guest co-hostess Haylie Duff (The Real Girl's Kitchen (2014)) shares a recipe for brown-butter bowtie pasta; Dolly Parton (Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors (2015)); three secrets to younger-looking skin; Santa's swag holiday giveaway; hacks to help pack a week's worth of clothes into a small suitcase.
16 Dec 2015
S1, Ep66 - Chocolate-Covered Spectaular/Santa's Swag Holiday Giveaways/Chef Brian Malarkey's Chocolate Tart Dough

Chef Brian Malarkey shares his chocolate-tart dough recipe; a guide to wearing chocolate-colored fashions; two teams are blindfolded to taste-test and identify popular candy bars; chocolate-inspired fluid hair-painting; actor Ryan Guzman (Heroes Reborn (2015) and Everybody Wants Some!! (2016)).
17 Dec 2015
S1, Ep67 - Grammy Award-Winner Kelly Rowland/Last-Minute Holiday Decorating Survival Guide/Santa's Swag Holiday Giveaways

Kelly Rowland; last-minute holiday decorating guide; discounts on popular fashion and beauty gifts; holiday sweaters; making a gingerbread house; New Year's Eve fashion tips; holiday giveaways.
18 Dec 2015
S1, Ep68 - FABLife Christmas Extravaganza with Rev Run and Justine Simmons/Santa's Swag Holiday Giveaways/Tyra's Top 5 Holiday Beauty Secrets

Joseph Simmons (aka Rev Run) and Justine Simmons share family-favorite holiday recipes; Tyra Banks' top five beauty secrets for the holidays; Jeremiah Brent (Home Made Simple (2011)) shows how to make a decorative holiday cocktail bar; two moms go head to head in a Christmas-toy challenge.
04 Jan 2016
S1, Ep70 - Hottest Trends for 2016 Special/Chrissy Teigen's Sneak Peek at Hot 2016 Food Trend/2016 Fashion Preview/Hot New Hairstyles for 2016

Trends for 2016 include meat-smoking recipes; discount fashion and beauty items; hairstyles; colors; and home decorating.
05 Jan 2016
S1, Ep71 - Secrets to Saving Thousands in 2016 Spectacular/Chrissy Teigen's $8 Dinner Delight/Joe Zee's 15-Second Money-Saving Fashion Fixes

A 52-week money-saving challenge kicks off; steak au poivre on a $8 budget; five surprising uses for coffee; hacks for new moms; top home design upgrades; surprising uses for your hair dryer.
06 Jan 2016
S1, Ep72 - Organize Your Life in 2016 Extravaganza/Chrissy Teigen's Kitchen Clutter Cures/Joe Zee's Closet Organization Survival Guide

Kitchen-clutter cures; closet-organizing; makeup-station organizing; five organization must-haves.
07 Jan 2016
S1, Ep73 - How to Turn Back the Clock and Look Ten Years Younger in 2016/Rocco DiSpirito's Anti-Aging Recipe/No. 1 Makeup Secret to Erase Your Age

Chef Rocco DiSpirito co-hosts and prepares sole with eggplant relish; anti-aging secrets, including fashion tips, makeup application, products and procedures with Jessica Hoffman
08 Jan 2016
S1, Ep74 - Golden Globes Spectacular/Brad Goreski/Golden Globes Grub/How to Get Golden Globes-Worthy Hair/Secrets to Getting a Red-Carpet Look

A celebration of the Golden Globes awards includes fashion stylist Brad Goreski; hair stylist Ken Paves; party-snack ideas with chef Steve Martorano; a swag-bag giveaway; and party-decorating secrets.
11 Jan 2016
S1, Ep75 - Mark Cuban's Secrets to Making Millions/Top 5 Must-Haves for 2016/Can Your Memorabilia Make You Rich?/Playroom Decorating on a Dime

Mark Cuban's five secrets to making millions; two memorabilia collectors play a price-guessing game with celebrity items; how to create a high-end playroom and eliminate toy clutter on a budget.
12 Jan 2016
S1, Ep76 - Double Duty Day Special/Secrets to Doubling Your Cup Size/Chef Antonia Lofaso's Coconut Curry Chicken/Double Duty Beauty Products

Non-surgical solutions to increasing bust size; chef Antonia Lofaso prepares coconut curry chicken; how certain makeup items can be used two different ways; how to double wardrobe space.
13 Jan 2016
S1, Ep77 - Guide to Good Living Special/Giada De Laurentiis Shares Favorite 2016 Recipes/App-Solutely Fabulous/World's Greatest Cleaner Challenge

Giada De Laurentiis (Giada Entertains (2016)) shares healthy comfort-food ideas and recipes; new apps including ones for food delivery and alarms; two viewers test a cleaner that removes dog fur, grease, deodorant stains.
14 Jan 2016
S1, Ep78 - Celebrity Makeup Tricks to Help Erase Your Age/Best Beauty Products for Under $10/Makeup Hoarder Intervention

Celebrity makeup tricks to erase aging; beauty products for under $10; a makeup-hoarder intervention; how to get perfect abs without breaking a sweat; makeup secrets to cover wrinkles and scars.
15 Jan 2016
S1, Ep79 - Celebration of All Things Southern Spectacular/Mind Your Manners Etiquette Challenge/Teigen Tastes Dallas/Hot Southern-Inspired Fashion

Linda Gray (Dallas (1978)) celebrates Southern food and fashion, an etiquette challenge; tortilla soup from a Dallas eatery is spotlighted; fashions inspired by Southern tradition and iconic Southern belles; meatloaf po'boys are prepared; Whitney Miller (Masterchef (2010)).
18 Jan 2016
S1, Ep80 - Beauty Secrets Spectacular with Supermodel Rachel Hunter/Hottest Nail Polish Trends for 2016/Beauty and the Feast

Guest co-hostess Rachel Hunter ("Rachel Hunter's Tour of Beauty") shares beauty secrets; nail-polish trends; a recipe for chicken with orange and turmeric marinade and cayenne pepper, then using the same ingredients to get fuller lips, get rid of dark under-eye circles and banish acne.
19 Jan 2016
S1, Ep81 - Man Show Special: Pro Football Hall of Fame Star Deion Sanders/Sloppy Joe Showdown/Five-Time Emmy Award-Winning Game Show Host Bob Eubanks

Guest co-host Deion Sanders has a sloppy-joe showdown with Joe Zee; Bob Eubanks (The Newlywed Game (1966)) plays "How Well Do You Know Your Man?" with newlyweds, a long-term couple, and Deion Sanders and his girlfriend, Tracey E. Edmonds (Extra (1994)).
25 Jan 2016
S1, Ep82 - Tia Mowry-Hardrict/Jane Seymour/Opposite Day/Joe Zee's High-Low Fashion Secrets/Real Estate High-Low

Tia Mowry-Hardrict (Tia Mowry at Home (2015)) prepares grilled fruit salad; Jane Seymour (Fifty Shades of Black (2016)) demonstrates how to create high-end flower arrangements for less; stylists celebrate National Opposite Day; runway looks with a mix of expensive and affordable prices; real-estate deals.
26 Jan 2016
S1, Ep83 - FABlife's Pet Spectacular with Cesar Millan and Dog Lovers Jane Lynch & Maggie Lawson/Name That Pet

A "Pet Spectacular" features Jane Lynch and Maggie Lawson (Angel from Hell (2016)) playing a "Name That Pet" trivia game; Cesar Millan (Cesar 911 (2014)) solves pet problems; pet treats and gadgets; a look at celebrities who look like their pets; a doggie fashion show features rescued pups.
27 Jan 2016
S1, Ep84 - National Chocolate Cake Day/Television's Most Famous Nanny & Parenting Expert Jo Frost/Take On Teigen: Tots Edition

Chocolate-cake recipes in honor of National Chocolate Cake Day; Jo Frost solves parents' frustrating problems; 6-year-olds play "guess that vegetable"; Keke Palmer gives a fan a makeover; the winner of the 2015 Gerber-baby photo search is revealed.
28 Jan 2016
S1, Ep85 - Guilt-Free Decadence Special; Multi-Platinum-Winning Artist Brandy Norwood; Chef Jonathan Waxman

Guest co-hostess Brandy Norwood (Zoe Ever After (2016)) talks fashion, music and samples chef Jonathan Waxman's guilt-free chili; home-decorating bargains under $50; a test to see if savvy people can tell the difference between expensive vs. bargain wine, hamburgers and sunglasses.
29 Jan 2016
S1, Ep86 - Fun at Work Day Special/Astrologist Susan Miller/Fun at Work Fashion/Cook Once, Get Two Meals/Beauty Trend Alert/Top Work-Gadgets

Fun at Work Day features astrologist Susan Miller's predictions for the hosts; how to make fashions that appear to be non-work friendly into office favorites; lifestyle blogger Ayesha Curry prepares a salmon dinner, that can be lunch for the next day.
01 Feb 2016
S1, Ep87 - Episode #1.87

02 Feb 2016
S1, Ep88 - Groundhog Day Show; Singer and Actress Ashley Tisdale's Fashion Secrets; Game Day Snack Touchdowns; How to Decode Your Design Personality

Singer Ashley Tisdale; game day snacks; a design personality quiz; Oscar and fashion predictions; a viewer gets a hair makeover; groundhog cookies from Punxsutawney, Pa.; a viewer gets a fashion makeover.
03 Feb 2016
S1, Ep89 - Rivalry Show/Style Battle/Taco Battle Supreme/Construction Combat Challenge

Brad Goreski (Fashion Police (2002); Danny Trejo (The Green Ghost (2017) and The Prey (2016)); Carter Oosterhouse.
04 Feb 2016
S1, Ep90 - Demin Extravaganza/How to Find the Best Jeans for Your Body Type/Jean-ius Cocktail Bar/DIY Dip Dye Jeans/$25 Demin Steals

Demin trends; choosing jeans; Mia Mastroianni (Bar Rescue (2011)); chef Roblé Ali.
05 Feb 2016
S1, Ep91 - FABLife Big Game Spectacular/Deion Sanders' Game Day Party Touchdowns/Beauty Hall of Fame/Beauty Bowl/Lauren Makk's Home Touchdowns

Sports analyst Tony Gonzalez and his wife, October Gonzalez; Erin Coscarelli ("NFL HQ"); NFL star Deion Sanders.
08 Feb 2016
S1, Ep92 - Bridesmaids Spectacular/Ugly Bridemaid Dress Intervention/Hottest Wedding Flower Trends for 2016/Top Wedding Planning Apps

Tisha Campbell-Martin (Dr. Ken (2015)) and her husband, Duane Martin, discuss the secrets of their 20-year marriage; a bride-to-be gets makeovers for her bridesmaids' dresses; Amber Harrison shares the latest trends in wedding flowers; mac-and-cheese cupcakes.
09 Feb 2016
S1, Ep93 - Mardi Gras Celebration/Design Secrets from HGTV's Property Brothers/Chrissy Teigen's Beignets/Ultimate Bachelorette Party Surprise

Giuliana Rancic (Fashion Police (2002)) and Bill Rancic; Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott (Property Brothers (2011)).
10 Feb 2016
S1, Ep94 - National Umbella Day/Rainy Day Comfort Food Favorites/Secrets to the Perfect Lasagna/Weatherproof Your Makeup and Fashion

Mario Lopez (Extra (1994)) and his wife, Courtney Mazza Lopez; Amanda Freitag (American Diner Revival (2015)); and Jessica Hoffman.
11 Feb 2016
S1, Ep95 - Alyssa Milano/Valentine's Day DIY Decorating Secrets/Hollywood Getaway Sweepstakes Winner

Alyssa Milano (Project Runway All Stars (2012)) discusses trends at New York Fashion Week; Anne Burrell (Worst Cooks in America (2010)) makes seared duck breast, grape sauce and broccoli rabe; Leah Ashley shares decorating ideas for Valentine's Day.
12 Feb 2016
S1, Ep96 - FABLife Valentine's Day Extravaganza and Surprise Pop-Up Wedding/Top Wedding Flower Trends/DIY Customized Wedding Favors

A North Carolina bride-to-be gets a surprise pop-up wedding, with help from bridal salon owner Lori Alan (Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta (2010)), chef Curtis Stone and florist Amy Marella.
15 Feb 2016
S1, Ep97 - President's Day/Grammy Awards Spectacular/Grammy Award Red Carpet-Inspired Eye Makeup Trends/Chart Topper Challenge Trivia Game

Singer Michelle Williams shares a punch-bowl cake recipe; snack bowls made of old vinyl records.
16 Feb 2016
S1, Ep98 - Women Who Rock Spectacular: Part One: Kickoff of a Two-Day Event Celebrating Strong, Empowered Women/Jenner-Dashian Looks for Less

Kris Jenner and Joe Zee lead a fashion show, featuring Jenner and Kardashian look-alikes; Nicole Lapin shares tips for buying designer fashion items. Also: a recipe for layered guacamole; do-it-yourself rhinestone sunglasses.
17 Feb 2016
S1, Ep99 - Women Who Rock Spectacular: Part Two: Jaclyn Smith's Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets/Diamond and Faux Diamond Trends

Beauty tips with Jaclyn Smith; a recipe for cola ribs with MasterChef Junior (2013) Season 4 winner Addison Osta Smith; a diamond and faux-diamond fashion show with jewelry Jason Arasheben. Also: workplace makeovers; jazzing up jewelry boxes.
18 Feb 2016
S1, Ep100 - FABLife Royals Special/Repli-Kate Fashion Style Secrets/Royal Memorabilia Trivia/Perfect Tea Party Table Decor/Real Estate High-Low

LuAnn de Lesseps discusses her engagement and hosting high tea; Louise Roe leads a fashion show, inspired by Catherine Duchess of Cambridge; auctioneer Martin Nolan plays a royal memorabilia trivia game. Also: tea-party table settings; real-estate deals in North Carolina.
19 Feb 2016
S1, Ep101 - Hair Show Spectacular

Zendaya pairs wigs and high fashion; Ken Paves addresses three common hair dilemmas; Danielle Asher shares tips for fuller eyelashes. Also: hairstyle trends; inexpensive hair accessories.
22 Feb 2016
S1, Ep102 - Secrets to Giving Your Skin a Red Carpet-Worthy Glow/Celebrity Anti-Aging Treatments for Younger-Looking Skin/Hack or Quack?

Chef Rocco DiSpirito; anti-aging med spa treatments; Lisa Edelstein (Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce (2014) and Joshy (2016)); shoes worn on the red carpet.
23 Feb 2016
S1, Ep103 - Chrissy Teigen Celebrates Release of Her New Cookbook, "Cravings"/Deion Sanders Makes Single Mom's Dream Come True

Chrissy Teigen and her mother, Pepper Teigen; guest co-host Deion Sanders; the cast of Vanderpump Rules (2013).
24 Feb 2016
S1, Ep104 - FABLife's Road Trip Adventure/Secret to Getting Gorgeous Hair On-the-Go/App-Solutely Fabulous: Red Carpet Edition

Eva Amurri Martino discusses her top travel hacks for busy moms; Susan Feniger shares recipes for fish tacos and pomegranate margaritas; Rachel Rudwall discusses the latest camping trends. Also: a look at the best makeup and fashion apps.
25 Feb 2016
S1, Ep105 - Celebrating National Chili Day/Red Carpet Nail Trends/DIY Designer-Looking Handbags

Kyemah McEntyre designs a prom dress for a fan; Alex Guarnaschelli (All-Star Academy (2015)) shares a recipe for white bean soup with pesto sauce; Tom Bacsik discusses red carpet nail trends. Also: a celebration of National Chili Day; DIY designer handbags.
26 Feb 2016
S1, Ep106 - FABLife's Red Carpet Award Show Spectacular: The Best in Fashion, Food, Flowers & More/Award Show Winner Psychic Predictions

Guest co-hostess Giuliana Rancic opines on red carpet hits and misses; psychic intuitive Mary Occhino makes Oscar predictions; Wolfgang Puck shares recipes for molten chocolate cake and apple pie; Mark Held discusses floral trends. Also: red-carpet gift-bag giveaways.
29 Feb 2016
S1, Ep107 - Leap Year Day with Kate Hudson/Fountain of Youth Food/Leave It to Leah/Time-Saving Tech Must-Haves

Kate Hudson (Mother's Day (2016)); Joe Zee creates some of Hudson's iconic fashion looks; chef Brian Malarkey.
01 Mar 2016
S1, Ep108 - Is It Worth It? Special/Secrets to Wearing Designer Labels for Less/At-Home Self-Tanning Hacks/When to Save and Splurge in the Kitchen

Relationship expert Matthew Hussey; chef George Mendes. Also: self-tanning hacks; renting designer clothing;
02 Mar 2016
S1, Ep109 - Ultimate Life-Changing Plastic Surgery and Smile Makeover/Backyard Makeover Secrets/FabLife Food Makeover/Secret Menu Items Revealed

A viewer, who had a devastating car accident, receives a plastic-surgery makeover; hot-dog recipes; fast-food restaurant menu reveals; an old pair of leggings are turned into a fashionable crop top.
03 Mar 2016
S1, Ep110 - FABLife Hair Makeover/$25 Steals/Hack or Quark/Secrets to Happiness Revealed

Guest co-hostess Louise Roe; Ali Larter shares recipes; a hair makeover; Dotan Negrin performs.
04 Mar 2016
S1, Ep111 - National Unplugging Day: 24 Hours of Being Tech-Free/Imagine the Pastabilities/Comfy Chic Fashion Trends/Cordless Gadget Must-Haves

Yvette Nicole Brown (The Odd Couple (2015)); National Unplugging Day; chef Fabio Viviani prepares fresh egg pasta with pesto and tomato sauce; unplugged and affordable portable gadgets; designer fashion and beauty products at discount prices.
07 Mar 2016
S1, Ep112 - Fresh Spin Show/General Hospital Stars/Male Swimsuit Fashion Trends/Deion Sanders Gets a Pedicure/Chrissy Teigen's S'Mores

Kirsten Storms and Michelle Stafford (General Hospital (1963)); guest co-host Deion Sanders gets a pedicure; Joe Zee looks at the latest trends in men's swimwear; Chrissy shares her recipe for s'mores.
08 Mar 2016
S1, Ep113 - Is Your Smartphone Making You Look Older?/FABLife Fashion Court/Iron Chef Cat Cora/Secrets to Making Thousands in Your Spare Time

Plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Diamond on the effects of cell phones; Joe Zee on a fashion dispute between a mother and daughter; financial columnist Nicole Lapin on ways to make extra money. Also: chef Cat Cora makes lobster potpie and chocolate budino.
14 Mar 2016
S1, Ep114 - National Potato Chip Day/William Shatner/Michelle Williams/Perfect Leather Jackets at Any Age/The Perfect Martini/Quickie Home Revamp

A potato-chip game; William Shatner ("Star Trek", book "Leonard"); leather jackets; Kelly Rizzo ("Eat Travel Rock TV") makes martinis; sprucing up a home and patio; carrot-shaped cupcakes; guest co-host Michelle Williams.
15 Mar 2016
S1, Ep115 - Who Is the Hottest Man of All Time?/Ultimate Weight-Loss Makeover/Top 3 Secrets to Finding the Right Jeans for Your Body Type

Hot-celebrity competition; chef Scott Conant (Chopped (2007)) makes Stromboli and Polenta; a viewer who lost weight gets a makeover; jeans; decorating dilemmas; a side table DIY.
16 Mar 2016
S1, Ep116 - Lifestyles of the Rich & Fabulous Special!/Selma Blair/Maria Menounos/Fast Fixes to Your Biggest Makeup Problems/Mansion High or Low?

Selma Blair (The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story (2016)); Maria Menounos; fashion trends game; fast fixes to makeup problems; a peek inside celebrity homes in a price-guessing game.
17 Mar 2016
S1, Ep117 - FABLife St. Patrick's Day Special/Hot Green Fashion Trends for Spring/$25 Clover Green Steals/Leave It to Leah/4 for 1 Beer

For St. Patrick's Day, Irish chef Stuart O'Keeffe shares recipes for beef stew and Irish coffee; clover-green-colored cooking, beauty, fashion, decorating and mom-friendly products; Gail Simmons makes stout chocolate cake.
18 Mar 2016
S1, Ep118 - Secrets to Adding Curb Appeal and Making Your Home Value Skyrocket/Incredible Birthday Makeover Surprise and Celebration/Awkward Moments

Simple, affordable real-estate secrets for adding value to a home; a viewer gets a dream makeover and a surprise party with family and friends; how to survive embarrassing mishaps.
21 Mar 2016
S1, Ep119 - Kickoff to Spring Spectacular/Hottest Hair Trends for Spring/Steal Our Style Secrets/Chef Eric Greenspan's New Twist on Grilled Cheese

Spring hair-color trends and accessories; viewers take part in a Spring fashion show and upgrade their style with affordable key wardrobe pieces; chef Eric Greenspan shows grilled-cheese sandwiches combos that include bacon, peanut butter, chocolate and chili.
22 Mar 2016
S1, Ep120 - Flashback to the '90s Special/"Dancing with the Stars" Pro Kym Johnson's Figure-Friendly Recipes/Trend or Trap?/'90s Hair Revival

Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber (Fuller House (2016)); Kym Johnson (Dancing with the Stars (2005)) shares recipes from her diet book; a look at 1990s fashion, hairstyles and makeup trends that may be making a comeback with celebrity beauty expert Jessica Hoffman.
25 Mar 2016
S1, Ep121 - FABLife Easter Extravaganza/Hottest Fashion Trends for Spring and Easter/Baby Animals/Fresh Twist on Easter Egg Dyeing

Easy-to-make tea cakes and Easter treats; an Easter animal parade featuring chicks, bunnies, pigs, goats and lambs; a twist on Easter-egg projects; egg-roll food flights; DIY pom-pom shoes and feather accessories.
28 Mar 2016
S1, Ep122 - Melissa Joan Hart/Chef John Seymour/Celebrity Fashion Fail Re-Dos

Guest co-hostess Melissa Joan Hart; Dean Cain (Masters of Illusion (2014)); chef John Seymour prepares baked eggs and black-bean cake; celebrity fashion fails are transformed into fashion smashes.
30 Mar 2016
S1, Ep123 - Joe Zee's General Hospital Adventure/Fridge Raider Challenge/Trend Around the Bend/$25 Charcoal Steals/Pimp My Kicks Challenge

Guest co-hostess Melissa Rycroft offers advice to viewers struggling with dating woes; behind-the-scenes of General Hospital (1963); chef John Seymour is challenged to create a meal from refrigerator leftovers.
31 Mar 2016
S1, Ep124 - Exclusive Sneak Peak at Joe Zee's "General Hospital" Appearance/Celebrity Auctioneer Secrets to Making Thousands

Fashion journalist Louise Roe is the guest co-hostess; author/fashion designer Kristin Cavallari shares a recipe for her mother's peanut chicken; clips of Joe Zee's appearance on General Hospital (1963); celebrity auctioneers Darren Julien and Martin Nolan share secrets for spotting valuable items and collectibles; an insider's guide to vintage shopping.
01 Apr 2016
S1, Ep125 - April Fool's Day Special/Beauty Secrets to Fool Your Face and Body Into Look 10 Years Younger/FABLife Finds Flash Sale Kickoff

Guest co-hostess Melissa Peterman (Baby Daddy (2012)); discount designer fashion and beauty products; comic Josh Wolf shares his recipe for cocktail all-wiener cookies; Peter Madrigal (Vanderpump Rules (2013)) explains which wines go best with Girl Scout cookies.
04 Apr 2016
S1, Ep126 - Katherine Schwarzenegger's All-American DIY Decorating Secrets/All-American Fashion Trends/New Twist on the All-American Hot Dog

Katherine Schwarzenegger talks about her famous family and offers a DIY decorating idea; fashion designer Whitney Port Rosenman; chef Adam Gertler shares twists on the American hot dog; fashion, food and beauty items for less than $25.
05 Apr 2016
S1, Ep127 - "Top Chef" Host Padma Lakshmi/Hottest Fashion Fashion Trends/Secrets to Luscious Lips

Guest co-hostess Padma Lakshmi shares recipes; bell-bottom-inspired flare fashion trends and red, white, blue and gold fashion looks inspired by Wonder Woman; beauty expert Jessica Hoffman shares celebrity makeup secrets.
06 Apr 2016
S1, Ep128 - Pet Spectacular/$40 Pet Steals/Psychic Melissa Bacelar

Designer animal-print fashion trends; must-have pet gadgets and products; psychic Melissa R. Bacelar gives readings to the stylists' pet dogs.
07 Apr 2016
S1, Ep129 - Curvy Girls Special/Shapewear Secrets to Looking Over 10 Pounds Thinner/Curve-Inspired Decorating Ideas

Guest co-hostess Cocoa Brown; shapewear secrets to looking thinner; tricks for a bigger booty without surgery; a curvy girls' guide to fashion; Dascha Polanco's (Orange Is the New Black (2013)) favorite Dominican recipes to spice up breakfast.
08 Apr 2016
S1, Ep130 - Favorite Foodies Special/Family Food Challenge/Guess the Kitchen Gadget

Chefs Nigella Lawson, Richard Blais and Valerie Bertinelli share favorite recipes; John Legend and his family compete against the show hosts in a blindfolded taste test, hosted by Wink Martindale; a game of guess the strange-looking kitchen gadget.
11 Apr 2016
S1, Ep131 - Chrissy's Maternity Leave Sendoff/Stealing Chrissy's Style/First Look at Pictures for Chrissy's Nursery/Chrissy's Easy-Bake Oven Hacks

A maternity leave sendoff for Chrissy Teigen; chef Graham Elliot (Cooks vs. Cons (2016)) shares Chrissy's favorite Mexican and Thai recipes; how to replicate Chrissy's fashion looks for less; photographer Sophie Gamand's images of Chrissy's dogs.
12 Apr 2016
S1, Ep132 - Dummies' Guide to a FABLife Special: Chef Bruce Kalman/Runway to Real-Life Fashions/Secrets to Walking in Heels/Hottest Celebrity Apps

Chef Bruce Kalman prepares chicken saltimbocca; fashion designer Giuliana Rancic's inspiring runway looks; secrets to walking in heels; a guessing game to determine which celebrity created a perfume by listening to its description.
18 Apr 2016
S1, Ep133 - Episode #1.133

Tax day money saving tips; celebrity skin-care secrets; homemade fast-food recipes; a guide to affordable travel.
19 Apr 2016
S1, Ep134 - Top Bold Fashion Trends Worth Trying/Bold Flavor Cooking/Biggest Bold Beauty Trends

Guest co-hostess Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi; bold fashion trends; a recipe for chicken meatballs and ranch buffalo chicken tacos; celebrity beauty trends with Jessica Hoffman.
22 Apr 2016
S1, Ep135 - FABLife Earth Day Special with Soleil Moon Frye/Top 3 Organic Beauty Must-Haves/FABLife Sew-Off/Easy No-Bake Mississippi Mud Pie

25 Apr 2016
S1, Ep136 - FABLife's Ultimate Party Guide/Red Carpet Looks for Less/Chef Chris Crary's Party Snack Secrets/Celebrity Anti-Aging Must-Haves

26 Apr 2016
S1, Ep137 - Secrets to Jumpstarting Your Summer/Michelle Williams/Summer Fashion Must-Haves/Coco Rocha/Meagan Good

Singer Michelle Williams is the guest co-hostess; summer fashion must-haves; Meagan Good shares a pasta recipe; getting the bedroom ready for summer; monochromatic makeup trends; model Coco Rocha.
28 Apr 2016
S1, Ep138 - Mother's Day

28 Apr 2016
S1, Ep139 - FABLife's Guide to Southern Style: Paula Deen/Style-Off Challenge/Southern-Inspired Hair Secrets/Mother's Day Gifts Under $50

Guest co-hostess Paula Deen shares recipes for guilt-free biscuits and banana pudding, and gives a tour of her house; a fashion styling competition; southern-inspired hair secrets; Mother's Day gift ideas; Rob Younkers (Secret Guide to Fabulous (2014)).
29 Apr 2016
S1, Ep140 - Geoffrey Zakarian/Celeb-Inspired Comfy Fashion Trends/Spring & Summer Gardening Must-Haves/Porch & Patio Decorating Secrets

Trish Suhr is the guest co-hostess; Geoffrey Zakarian makes spaghetti and mushrooms and crudites; celebrity-inspired fashions; spring and summer gardening must-haves; porch and patio decorating secrets.
02 May 2016
S1, Ep141 - FABLife's Nautical Special: Kyle Richards/Keith Colburn & Wild Bill Wichrowski/Nautical Fashions for Spring & Summer/Martin Riese

Guest co-hostess Kyle Richards; Capts. Keith Colburn and Wild Bill Wichrowski (Deadliest Catch (2005)) share a seafood recipe; nautical fashions for spring and summer; secrets to selecting the perfect water for every palette.
03 May 2016
S1, Ep142 - Tisha Campbell-Martin/David Burtka's Fancy & Affordable Appetizers/Top Bathroom Makeover Must-Haves/Makeup Secrets

Guest co-hostess Tisha Campbell-Martin; skin imperfections and make up secrets with beauty expert Jessica Hoffman; mixing high- and low-cost fashions.
04 May 2016
S1, Ep143 - Quick & Easy Money-Saving Secrets Special: Carmen Electra/Gretchen Christine Rossi/Kenya Moore/Step-by-Step Guide to the Perfect Tans

Carmen Electra is the guest co-hostess; Gretchen Rossi (The Real Housewives of Orange County (2006)) shares a recipe for turkey, veggie lettuce wraps; Kenya Moore (The Real Housewives of Atlanta (2008)) demos celebrity-inspired hairstyles; a guide to spray at-home tans; makeup tips to get fuller lips.
05 May 2016
S1, Ep144 - Cinco De Mayo Celebration! Dorinda Medley, Ramona Singer & Julianne Wainstein/Cinco De Mayo Snacks with Chef Susan Feniger

Stars of The Real Housewives of New York City (2008) celebrate Cinco de Mayo; Cinco de Mayo snacks, the perfect margarita and party makeup secrets.
06 May 2016
S1, Ep145 - FABLife Mother's Day Special/Caroline Manzo/Chef Fabio Viviani/Kentucky Derby-Inspired Fashions/Celebrity Hair Secrets

Caroline Manzo (The Real Housewives of New Jersey (2009)) is the guest co-hostess for a Mother's Day Special; chef Fabio Viviani has recipes for a perfect mint julep and breakfast-in-bed; Kentucky Derby-inspired fashions; celebrity hair secrets; fast fixes for tired, puffy eyes; a flash sale spotlighting beauty and fashion items.
09 May 2016
S1, Ep146 - NeNe Leakes/Chef Gabe Kennedy/Spot the Fake

Guest co-hostess NeNe Leakes; New York strip steak; yuzu lobster rolls; designer vs. fake fashion items.
10 May 2016
S1, Ep147 - Michelle Williams/Suzie Moldavon/Closet Organizers Mary Astadourian & Jennifer Dynof

Guest co-hostess Michelle Williams presents a "Sunday Best" fashion show; insider secrets to perfect eyebrows; solutions to closet organizing dilemmas; food, fashion and decorating must-haves for spring; spring gardening hacks.
11 May 2016
S1, Ep148 - FAB to the Future/Michelle Williams/Tech Secrets to Erase Your Age/The Future of Fashion/Secrets to Dropping a Dress Size

Guest co-hostess Michelle Williams; anti-aging products and devices; futuristic fashion trends; a simple plan for dropping a dress size; high-tech robot inventions; Dr. Ian Smith.
12 May 2016
S1, Ep149 - Kelis/Maisha Oliver/Liv Lange

Kelis is the guest co-hostess and shares recipes for spicy summer suppers; how to get big, sexy hair; makeup secrets.
13 May 2016
S1, Ep150 - Fashion Extravaganza Special/Kris Jenner/Kate Hudson/Liv Tyler/Recreating 1970s Style/Kyle Richards/Cynthia Bailey/Joe Zee

A look back at the show's memorable fashion moments, including Kris Jenner, Kate Hudson and Liv Tyler; recreating 1970s style; 15-second fashion fixes; luxurious-looking statement necklaces for less.
16 May 2016
S1, Ep151 - FABLife's Ultimate Games Extravaganza

A look back at some of the show's all-time favorite games, challenges and competitions.
17 May 2016
S1, Ep152 - FABLife's Queen for a Day Special: Kim Gravel/Royal Fashion Rules/Fit for a Queen Shoe Fashion Show

Kim Gravel with tried-and-true beauty queen secret weapons; royal fashion rules; and a shoe fashion show.
18 May 2016
S1, Ep153 - Moll Anderson/Chef Vikki Krinsky/Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Seconds/Top Spring and Summer Decorating Trends/Makk to Business

Guest co-hostess Moll Anderson shares smart phone apps; chef Vikki Krinsky presents an easy 3-day meal plan plus a healthy-spin pasta; tailoring tricks to look thinner in clothes; spring and summer decorating tips; turning a spare room into extra cash.
19 May 2016
S1, Ep154 - Mix and Match Special

Guest co-hostess Carmen Electra; secrets to looking 10 years younger; mix-and-match food combos; must-have styling rules for mixing-and-matching; chef Gabe Kennedy shares a tasty mix-and-match spring-and-summer salad; moisturizing and anti-aging products that should and should not be used together; fashionable smart-phone cases; spring-and-summer rug trends.
20 May 2016
S1, Ep155 - Laila Ali/Dina Manzo/Decorating Dilemmas Solved/Cortney Novogratz/Kyemah McEntyre

Guest co-hostess Laila Ali prepares a sweet-potato pie; Dina Manzo discusses The Real Housewives of New Jersey (2009) and makes a floral chandelier; solutions to home design dilemmas; the debut of a new formal wear collection.
23 May 2016
S1, Ep156 - FABLife's Ultimate Beauty Spectacular: Cindy Crawford's Secrets to Aging Flawlessly/Rachel Hunter/Charlotte Tilbury/Zendaya/Ken Paves

Cindy Crawford's tips on aging well; Rachel Hunter's beauty trends; celebrity makeup hacks; Zendaya leads a wig fashion show; celebrity insider hair styling tricks of the trade; a summer makeup survival kit.
24 May 2016
S1, Ep157 - Countdown to Memorial Day Special/The Perfect Summer Sandals/In the Kitchen/Gail Simmons/Joey Healy

Summer's must-have color; summer sandals under $50; chef Gail Simmons prepares rice pudding using leftovers; eyebrow dilemmas are solved; backyard and patio decorating must-haves.
25 May 2016
S1, Ep158 - Ultimate Transformations Special: Secrets to Looking 10 Years Younger/Life-Changing Smile Makeover/Ugly Bridesmaid Dress Intervention

Secrets to look 10 years younger; a father gets a smile makeover; Tim McClellan (Ellen's Design Challenge (2015)) transforms an old shed into a she-shed; bridesmaids, disappointed with their dresses, get a style makeover; and hair guru Ken Paves transforms a woman's tresses.
27 May 2016
S1, Ep159 - Memorial Day Weekend Kickoff Extravaganza/Cocoa Brown/Barbecue Pit Secrets/Chef Melissa Cookston/Construction Combat/Flash Sale

Actress/comedian Cocoa Brown is the guest co-hostess; barbecue secrets; discounted fashion and beauty items; baseball bats are transformed into American flag art; chef Melissa Cookston.
06 Jun 2016
S1, Ep160 - Chef Susan Feniger/Construction Combat: Scott McGillivray/Joe Zee's Fashio Challenge

A summer seafood recipe; Scott McGillivray (Income Property (2008)) takes part in a DIY competition; a fashion challenge, in which husbands dress their wives.
07 Jun 2016
S1, Ep161 - Chef Bruce Kalman/Jessica Hoffman/Floral-Inspired Summer Fashion Trends/Top Summer Beach Must-Haves Under $50

Cavatelli and spring vegetable primavera are prepared by chef Bruce Kalman; must-have summer lip colors; floral-inspired summer fashion trends; summer beach must-haves for under $50.
08 Jun 2016
S1, Ep162 - FABLife's Hair Extravaganza/Trim on a Whim/Hair of the Dog/Doggie-Hair Fashion/Fur-Inspired Decorating Must-Haves

Hair trends; ambush hair makeovers; hair-of-the-dog pasta is prepared; doggie hair fashion; fur-inspired decorating must-haves.
10 Jun 2016
S1, Ep163 - Best Shorts at Any Age/Jessica Hoffman/Elizabeth Chambers Hammer/Rachel Rudwall/Ali Landry

Guest co-hostess Ali Landry. The best shorts for any age; a makeup artist reveals how to get a perfect summer glow; Asiago turkey sliders and fudgy brownies are prepared; money-saving tips for summer travel.
13 Jun 2016
S1, Ep164 - FABLife's Summer Kickoff Spectacular/Melissa Peterman/Denika Bedrossian/FABLife Finds/Chef Brian Hill

Guest co-hostess Melissa Peterman (Baby Daddy (2012)); Denika Bedrossian with secrets to weatherproofing makeup; flash sale featuring discount fashion, beauty and summer must-haves; Chef Brian Hill with a chicken sarrie recipe; a summer style survival kit; decorating tips for getting the backyard ready for summer.
14 Jun 2016
S1, Ep165 - Fashion Secrets to Losing 20 Lbs. In 20 Seconds/Chrissy Teigen's Beauty and the Feast/Summer Decorating Must-Haves/Hack or Quack?

Fashion secrets to looking thinner; food items that double as DIY home-beauty treatments; summer-decorating must-haves; testing remedies to prevent crying, while slicing onions; turning selfie photos into wall art.
16 Jun 2016
S1, Ep166 - Chrissy Teigen's Latest Food Find/RSVP Lease Bring Something/Secret to Never Getting Blisters While Wearing Heels/Daddies Do Hair

Summer food finds and a trick to cut pasta cooking time in half; last-minute DIY hostess gift ideas; how to keep from getting blisters, while wearing heels; fathers reveal tricks they've learned to styling their daughters' hair.
17 Jun 2016
S1, Ep167 - FABLife's Father's Day Special/Joey Lawrence/Last-Minute Father's Day Gift Guide/Chef Fabio Viviani/Top Outdoor Must-Haves for Summer

Guest co-host Joey Lawrence ("Melissa and Joey" (2010)). Father's Day gift guide; chef Fabio Viviani cooks up Father's Day meals; outdoor must-haves for summer; father fashion trends for less than $50.