Trivia - Flaked (2016)
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Flaked (2016)

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy

Taglines: One step forward. Twelve steps back.

Director: Wally Pfister, Tom DiCillo, Josh Gordon, Will Speck, ...

Writers: Will Arnett, Mark Chappell, Nikki Schiefelbein, Mehar Sethi, ...

Stars: Will Arnett, David Sullivan, Ruth Kearney, George Basil, ...

A self-help guru needs a decent amount of help himself.

Seasons:   1

Each episode is titled after a real street name in the Venice / Santa Monica area.
Wally Pfister, cinematographer for Chris Nolan & the Dark Knight trilogy, and director of Transcendance, directs 4 episodes of season one.
The show is executively produced by the creator of Arrested Development, which also starred Will Arnett.
One of the wine brands visible in Dennis' cellar is Frass Canyon. Frass Canyon is a fictional winery featured in the movie Sideways.
The bicycle Chip rides during the show is made by Linus. These bikes are made and sold in Venice, CA where the show also takes place.