Trivia - Game of Silence (2016)
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Game of Silence (2016)

Country: USA

Genres: Drama

Taglines: Some secrets never let you go.

Director: Deran Sarafian, Holly Dale, Bill Johnson, Niels Arden Oplev, ...

Writers: David Hudgins, Hayley Tyler, Ian Deitchman, Christopher Fife, ...

Stars: David Lyons, Michael Raymond-James, Larenz Tate, Bre Blair, ...

A rising attorney finds his perfectly crafted life threatened when his long-lost childhood friends threaten to expose a dark secret from their past.

Seasons:   1

Adapted by the Turkish series "Suskunlar".
The 2012 Turkish counterpart, Suskunlar is based on true story.
The story has a lot of comparison with the movie 'Sleepers' starring Brad Pitt.
Suskunlar is based on the true story of children (Ali Avci, Metin Subasi, Levent Hamurcu) who were sentenced in absentia to nine years in prison on the charge of stealing baklava dessert in Gaziantep, 1997 ."
Filmed in Houston, TX.
Timur Savci who producer of Suskunlar is producer of Game of Silence.
Although the storyline takes place in Brenham and Houston, Texas principle filming took place in and around Atlanta, Georgia.
It is based upon the turkish series "Suskunlar".
Based upon the turkish series "Suskunlar".