Full Cast & Crew - Tracy (2017)
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Tracy (2017)

Genres: Thriller

Taglines: How far would you go for someone you love?

Director: Derek Erskine


Stars: Vanessa Moltzen, Steven Burns, Derek Erskine, Chloe Guymer, ...

A drug and alcohol fuelled psychotic rampage by a married couple living in the suburbs trying to raise a daughter. Obsessive love drives their erotic fantasies that manifest in brutal realities as they hunt their victims.


Derek Erskine


Eddie Beyrouthy producer
Derek Erskine co-producer
Naomi Lisner co-producer


Vanessa Moltzen Debbie
Steven Burns Landlord
Derek Erskine Daz
Chloe Guymer Sally
Cassandra Leopold Tracy
Louise McCrae Party Girl
Alex Tsitsopoulos David
Tom Vogel Truck Driver
Naomi Lisner Jade
Leanne Campbell Gwen
Tritia DeViSha Louie
George Donikian News presenter
Cameron Erskine Constable sam higgins
Albert Goikhman Senior Detective Leon Vasiliev
Xavier Gouault Graham
Axle Gunn Cale
David Hart Policeman Wayne Smith
Harlene Hercules Prison Guard Betty Sutcliffe
Justine Jones Vanilla
Thomas Kay Ethan
Robert Lewis Mick
Billy Lisner Billy Farmer
Jake Lisner Constable Ryan Dawson
Angus h Little Harry
Suzy Markovski Shirley
Guy May Policeman Peter O'Hearn
Carolyn Rey Carmella
Ben Rose Lucky
Serkan Tokgoz Prison guard Serge Martinez
Isabella Abbatangelo Eva (corpse)
Claire Auden Brothel worker (pool scene)
Rebecca Bentley Brothel worker (pool scene)
Lucia Brancatisano Sargent Tamara De Luca
Paddy Brown Charles (corpse)
Stephanie Casey Brothel worker
Marcus Cozzolino Police Correctional Office Tom Grimes
Jerry Creaney Police Correctional Officer Jack Duggans
Mardi Edge Magistrate Charlotte Nicols
Veronica Elizabeth Denise (corpse)
Boris Granolic Vincent (corpse)
Nicole Grixti Brothel worker
Thomas Gruevksi Shane Gould (male client, brothel scene)
Caroline Grunewald Tanya (corpse)
Cecile Gucci Police Correctional Officer Emily Streep
Reece Hill Norman (corpse)
Damon Hunter Brian
Michelle Keating Brothel worker (pool scene)
Christine Keogh Senior Sargent Joyce Menzies
Peter Knapik Eddie (corpse)
Sunny Koll Michelle (corpse)
Genie Koulaeva Brothel worker (pool scene)
Cindy Lauyanyee Brothel Worker
John McCullough Police Officer Shane O'Hare
Neil McLeod Priest
Tony Michaels Detective andonis michalidies
Shawnee Neal Brothel worker (pool scene)
Kelly Neilsen Brothel worker
Susie O'Day-Cashmere Brothel Worker
Isabella Octigan Brothel worker
Vanessa Shiell Brothel worker (pool scene)
Robert Stephen Party goer
Nicole Stevens Brothel worker (pool scene)
Maya Tal Brothel worker (pool scene)
Rachel Tate Brothel worker (pool scene)
Michael Vecchio Joe (Bouncer)