Full Cast & Crew - When Seasons Change (2018)
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When Seasons Change (2018)

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Thriller

Director: Frederick Nah IV


Stars: John Kap, Zane Stephens, Jeff Rose, Thida Penn, ...

In a world of corruption, people often live a lie to prove themselves to society. In a greedy struggle and a battle for power and success, clashing rivals Daniel Wilson and Nathan Worthington will do anything to get to the top, even at the expense of their friends and family. Each must overcome temptation and tribulations, but they will discover that every decision can meet with unforeseen, dire consequences. These consequences will test the characters' faith and reveal shocking truths to them, and someone will pay the ultimate price for their decisions. Their lives and yours will be changed forever When Seasons Change.


Frederick Nah IV


Maurice Chevalier executive producer
Marcus Cooley development executive
Torrance Hill consulting producer
Markus Lamberts associate producer
Ottavio Lobefaro consulting producer
Frederick Nah IV creative executive


John Kap Tom
Zane Stephens Frank
Jeff Rose Cameron Livingston
Thida Penn Melissa James
Erica Page Lexi Wilson
Wendell Kinney Robert Wilson
Alpha Trivette Judge Trudy
Nilsa Castro Maria Fernandez
Carlito Arias Daniel Wilson
Ottavio Lobefaro Nathan Worthington
Frederick Nah IV Jason Wilson
Kristen Hill Board of Directors
Val Murray Cynthia Cox
Trae Hill Board of Directors