Full Cast & Crew - We All Fall Down (2019)
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We All Fall Down (2019)

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi

Taglines: 24 hours ago, Europe and half of the U.S. was shattered into ashes by the disease the next one will only be warning to the remaining states and countries before

Director: Joseph Formato


Stars: Anna Talakkottur, Jonathan Yaskoff, Timothy Mills, Tatiana Warden, ...

When an unknown disease slowly occurs and wipes out half of the population, A former ems chief name Walker tries to warn the remaining population including the president as the scientist and doctors try to find a cure for it.


Joseph Formato


Anna Talakkottur First Lady Kathy Ellis
Jonathan Yaskoff President Bryan Ellis
Timothy Mills Dr. Martinez
Tatiana Warden Emma Schnepp
Effy Willis Dr. Zendaya Curtis
Teneseia Lewis Rebecca Paisley
Matthew Freas Sgt. Ken Hauser
Joseph Formato Dr. Carpenter Connor
Damian M.C. Jones Coloniel Adrain Jetson
Ron Hand Jr. Robert Miller
Frank Dupoldt Dr. Sam (Cameo)