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Country: USA

Genres: Comedy

Taglines: Hometown heroes don't know they are if they never come home.

Director: Robert Hensley


Stars: Kit Williamson, Lily Holleman, Nathan Sapsford, Kris Deskins, ...

'Home to Roost' is a contemporary, homecoming tale. Bertrand 'Bird' Marshall is a famous graphic novelist. He left his rural hometown twenty years ago after being caught in a compromising position with his best friend Danny. Bird felt his twin brother Jonah was embarrassed by him, so he ran away. After Jonah commits suicide, Bird returns home to find his sister-in-law Deann may be a bigger part of the problem than he realized. He quickly realizes the spark between he and Danny has not been extinguished by time or distance. He also finds he has become a hometown hero of sorts. With Danny by his side, along with the support of his bold-as-brass mother, Mae, Bird realizes he was missed in his absence. He gathers the courage to defend his family against Deann and confront the small-minded hate and bigotry of a few redneck neighbors.